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Listening to AppStories, #119 - You Dowladed What?

They discussed a free app by Cloudflare for iOS.

Cloudflare bills it as, “the world’s fastes and safest DNS resolver”

  • greater privacy
  • fastest Internet
  • easy to use.

Just installed — I can say it is easy to install. But for the rest of the claims? And by using it I install another information pipe into my tablet.

Any one else using the app?

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I switched to Cloudflare DNS on my Mac (with Google as backup in the list) 15 months ago. It tested at #1 in speed and I’ve had no problems. Not positive, but I think I switched to it in iOS as well.

I switched to it on iOS but I’m not on unlimited data and the app’s data use was high. I like it on Mac although it didn’t give the results for host -a I was used to. I’ve been meaning to try again, though. Cloudflare is a trustworthy company whose paid services we use a lot at work.

@bowline, @cornchip thanks.

I’ve set-up Cloudflare on sites in the past. My recollection was it increased speed.

For now I have no data concerns. I’ll continue to use it on iOS. Now with an hour or two of experience things seem more sprightly… no before or after measurements.

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I was going to post that I’ve had it installed for a while with no problems. Then discovered it wasn’t on, maybe due to using protonvpn occasionally.
Anywho, they have some sort of new tech they are rolling out to speed internet access.

ISPs spy on your Internet. I’m #1553581 to get with Warp, a free app which will make the Internet on my phone faster and more private. Get the app to get in line. #1dot1dot1dot1

Not many people know that you can change the DNS on iOS WiFi connections by tapping the " i " next to the WiFi network in Preferences.
Choose DNS and then “Manual”.
Remove the existing DNS server and replace with the one of your liking.

Unfortunately there is no such option for cellular connections this is where the app can be handy.


I’ve also got Cloudflare setup on my router but I want this for mobile. I’ve had DNS Override for a couple of years, using Cloudflare when it came out. Gonna test the app out and see how they compare. I already like seeing the logs.

This is not (yet) for iOS nut DNS over HTTPS sounds very interesting. Time to give Firefox a


I manually set the DNS permissions on iOS instead of using the Cloudflare app is because it requires itself to be used as a VPN in iOS. Since I have another non-VPN ‘VPN’ app (which offers VPN service for an additional fee - though I declined) I use which protects me from web trackers as well as ads throughout the iPhone (as opposed to content blocking only inside Safari) by setting Cloudflare manually I get slightly faster Cloudflare connectivity on WiFi only, while my ‘VPN’ app protects me via WiFi as well as cellular.

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I think I set our router to use cloud flare. Unfortunately Airport Utility crashes on IPadOS, so I haven’t been able to check.