10.13.6 - App Store update trouble?

Hi everyone. Is anybody else having trouble with today’s 10.13.6 update from the App Store? I’ve downloaded it three times and it doesn’t seem to want to complete the download nor actually update.

The update went fine here, but now Homebrew is complaining because Apple updated the pre-installed version of Ruby:

Warning: Ruby version 2.3.7 is unsupported on 10.13. Homebrew
is developed and tested on Ruby 2.3.3, and may not work correctly
on other Rubies. Patches are accepted as long as they don't cause breakage
on supported Rubies.

Hmmm I don’t think I have anything Ruby related but thanks for the head’s up.

Have installed it here on 3 machines with no troubles.

Thanks Joe. It must just be me. I’m on my fifth try now, having two more failed downloads overnight. That’s probably 3-4 Gigs of download for a 1.32Gb file.

Another option would be to download the combo update file instead of trying to go through the App Store. The file is larger but people having trouble with the store version usually have good results.


I tried for a fourth time and left it to do its thing overnight and finally download and install went as intended. But I will remember the Combo File trick. Thanks for that tip.