11.4 Beta 2 (macOS version 11.4 20F5055c) and startup items

This is weird, but I’m curious to know if others on the macOS public beta see it.

After I upgraded to Beta 2 (which just came out), several of my “login items” did not launch, including things like Hazel, Bartender, and Rectangle.

Most of my login items are menu bar items, and most of them are hidden by Bartender, so it wasn’t obvious that they weren’t running until I realized one-by-one “Hey, wait, that keyboard shortcut didn’t do anything”.

So, if you use Beta 2, something to keep an eye out for.

I’m not on 11.4b but since 11.3 several login items are not launching. I’ve seen this off and on with prior releases of macOS, but not as persistently as with 11.3 (and now 11.3.1).

This has happened a few times with Bartender on 11.3 (Final) for me.

Also experiencing it on 11.3 - not all the time.
Both on MacBook Pro and iMac

Same here on 11.3 and 11.3.1.

Happens with Bartender (and then I notice it =P), with Hazel, Amphetamine and something else I don’t recall right now. Completely random too…

With 11.3.1 I got Oversight helper drain the battery of my MacBook Pro in about 2 hours :roll_eyes:

Indeed: Amphetamine as well (on 11.3) over here.

I’ve seen it with Bartender, Moom and Amphetamine on 11.3