11 inch Magic Keyboard for a good price. Any takers?


Hope this is allowed here - think it qualifies as someone’s “potential purchase.” :joy:

Anyway, I recently upgraded from a 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch to a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. I wouldn’t have upgraded except that I wanted to go to back to the larger size and had anticipated making that change when they revised them. I held off a little while because the revision seemed minor. I bought the magic keyboard for my 11 inch, but using it so much on my iPad made me really want the larger, laptop replacement 12.9 inch. So here I am on my 12.9 inch iPad with a Magic Keyboard for an 11 inch iPad Pro sitting useless since I traded in the older iPad. I’m willing to heavily discount it to sell it to someone who can use it rather than going to waste. I’d just like to make some money back to offset my new purchase and cover shipping costs to the US. Anyone interested in a slightly used Magic Keyboard? Message me for details!