119: Productivity & Meditation, with Chris Bailey


Really thought provoking… thank you. Interesting how the world changes; we spent so much time being told to focus on goals, “you’ll never achieve anything unless you are clear about your goals”, but I notice (like @RosemaryOrchard I think!) that most of my goals this quarter are processes…
Quick question to @mikeschmitz - what are the questions you use in your (I think) evening review? You mentioned in passing & I’m interested - still working on my format (Currently what did I do, what did I do well, what not so well, tomorrow…)

I model my journaling after the Daily Questions by Marshall Goldsmith. They are in response to the question, “did I do my best to…?” which makes it less outcome-based. Here are my prompts:

Did I do my best to…

  • grow spiritually?
  • love my wife?
  • love my kids?
  • be a good friend?
  • learn something new?
  • create something?
  • exercise?

Here’s a short video I published a while back that shows it in action: Daily Questions in Roam Research


Great episode guys! I normally listen at 1.5x but I slowed this one down to 1x and gave it the time and attention it deserved. @MacSparky regarding setting your intention and using Toggl, I employ a combination of Vitamin-R and Keyboard Maestro. The process is relatively simple - set time slice duration (I use 25 minutes), type in your intention and start the time slice. The magic comes from Vitamin-R’s ability to fire an event when a time slice is started and stopped (and other events as listed below). I use the intention that I set in Vitamin-R as the input to a Toggl API call (triggering the KM Macro below as shown in the comment). I also put my Mac into Focus mode and start some focus music (inspired by Chris Bailey, blocking distractions etc), and fire off a contextual computing conflict palette (of course inspired by David Sparks). When you were speaking about Intention and Toggl, the link could not have been clearer to me, as I use it many times a day! As an aside, my 4:30 PM shutdown reminder also tells me to finish up whatever the current Toggl timer is, again, using a Toggl API call. Is there a Focused + Automators podcast in the works? There could be some real potential there.



Incredibly thought provoking. So much so that I immediately purchased the audiobook.

The one bit that really resonated with me was @mikeschmitz saying how he struggles with the spiritual connotations of meditating. I am not religious and this has always been my biggest struggle so it was incredibly refreshing hearing Mike give the same response considering his religious beliefs. Thank you so much @mikeschmitz - you have set me on a path of meditating!!

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