13 Years Later...Death of the Macbook Pro

After 13 years, the original family backup Macbook Pro has finally given out. It served it’s time well, by being a primary computer, then a secondary, and in the final 6 years it completed backup tasks for the home network. #Apple #AppleQuality

That’s “just” a bulged battery, remove it and connect power supply. It will keep running :wink:


After working out for 13 years, MacBook finally gets swole.

But sorry for your loss.

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Wow! That’s fantastic. Are you going to replace it with a Mac mini to complete home network backup tasks?

I’m in debate of getting a Mac mini, or seeing if it’s possible to replace the battery from like eBay. Or possibly get a 2nd Synology.

It’s sole purpose was to use Crashplan (and then later Arq) to just copy the Synology and any other devices on the network to the cloud.

Any suggestions ?

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Stick with Synology.

If you are in SoCal, check out a Batteries Plus in your area. They came up with replacement batteries for a couple of obsolete computers of mine in the past. Couldn’t hurt to give them a call.


So I think a Mac Mini would make the most sense. I don’t think the 2nd Synology would serve it’s purpose exactly.

Other Word Computing (www.macsales.com) is selling batteries from Newer Technologies for Vintage/Obsolete Macs. That might be an option for you. I think a Mac Mini might serve your needs more efficiently.