16" MacBook Pro is here!

The question is whether Apple will also improve the thermal system in the 13 as it did in the 16, or if the new MBP 13 will only have the new keyboard. The updated thermal system resulted in great performance of the new MBP 16 and Apple may market it as the real PRO model that should have PRO benefits.

I’d be very surprised if the 13s didn’t get the whole redesign, screen bezels, thermals, keyboard and all.

Not all professionals rely on high compute performance. Chances are, as the most popular Mac period, they won’t want to show the 13” Pro as being lesser or neglected compared to the 16.

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I certainly hope so. Macbooks were lacking in the last few years, and it would be great if the once more became the top notebook there is.

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The one big drawback to the 16" MacBook Pro is that it’s Rev A hardware.

I hope this works out for you. Good Luck!

All that’s left is to release a version without the touch bar and they have me as a customer. Physical keys for life!

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I’m hoping for a return of the 12" for MBP. :crossed_fingers:

64GB RAM… Must restrain myself… But no, I know darn well it’ll be the 64GB model :laughing:


I LOVE that form factor! It’s the perfect go anywhere laptop!

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A couple of weeks in I’m generally loving my MBP16, however…

  1. Unlock with Apple Watch won’t work although this same AW unlocked my MBP15 every time without fail even when Catalina was installed. I’ve tried restarting all devices, disabling and reenabling but it doesn’t seem to want to work. Hopefully a software update will fix.

  2. I’ve had three instances where plugging or unplugging from an UltraFine caused the MBP restart. This one concerns me most because it seems like it could be hardware related. Haven’t tried SMC reset but can’t hurt.

If anyone else has found a resolution, I’d be grateful!

What do you mean by “Rev A” hardware?

The two things I noted in this model that was not included was the:

  • 720p webcam
  • lastest wifi

The watch unlocks every time for me, even while out and about. I’m using a Series 5.

There may be some way to reset the unlock, maybe unpairing and repairing the watch will help. I’d contact support and ask if there’s a standard way to reset it.

The first revision of a board. There are usually minor issues that come up and are fixed with the Rev B board. Sometimes these happen quietly, not necessarily with a 2020 update of the machine.

WiFi 6 would have been nice for future proofing, but I don’t count it against Apple to not include it, as only a few computers have it yet.
As for 720p webcam, that is listed on the features page.

Sorry @Shruggie I should of worded that better, it’s the inclusion of only a 720p camera, at this price point a higher quality camera might of been expected (just about every review marks this as a negative).

What was the upshot? If we may ask after all this time. How do you feel about it now a few months later?

Finally saw one in the wild yesterday. Surprisingly large (OK the coffee shop tables were tiny) and reminded me of the old 17" form factor.

In coach on some airplanes I can wedge the screen kind of under the folded-up tray table, with the keyboard in my lap; that arrangement doesn’t look possible with the 16".

Memory plays tricks. I just replaced my 2011 15" MBP (same era there were 17" MBPs) with the new 16" MBP. The 16" is slightly smaller! The 15" retina models were smaller than the earlier non-retina models which is why the new 16" seems so big.

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I’ve been using one for about 3 weeks (Apple offered me $1750 to trade-in my mid-2017 15" MBP(!)) and I can say that it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. It’s so wonderful to be able to run several VMs at once without hitting swap! (Specs for those curious: I maxed everything except SSD, which I kept at 2GB.)

I would not have upgraded had I been able to get the 2017 model with 32GB RAM. Having used the 16" now, I still feel the same way.

As far as size goes, it is slightly heavier and bigger than the 2017, but slightly smaller than the 2013 model that I have running as a home server, and much smaller than the 15" 2011.

They offered me less for a 2018 6-core with 32GB of RAM. I’m not really surprised though. I expected the prices to plummet after they put out the 16", which was basically just a fix for that model.

This was well after the 16" came out, but I forgot to specify Canadian dollars, so somewhat inflated when compared with USD. They gave me back about 1/3 of what I paid for it, 2.5 years after I bought it.