16" MacBook Pro is here!

Same here, great that they gave up on that. Makes me wonder if Jony Ive leaving was the best thing that could have happened :slight_smile:.


I don’t think so. IIRC I went from a PowerBook 3400C to a PowerBook G3 (WallStreet). It seems like the G3 was much bigger than the 3400C, and quite a bit lighter.

Okay, I should add a qualifier, like “this century”, “in modern times”, or “with an Intel processor”
lol :slightly_smiling_face:


Good point, if this represents a break from the obsession, as I tend to see it, with light and thin, I, for one, will applaud a sensible decision. I think that was the background to the butterfly key mistake?

I for one welcome our new thicc laptop overlords!


It thicc! hahaha. Someone had to say that. Thanks:)

My new MBP 16" just arrived. I’ll post thoughts once I am up and running.


Well, probably not what anyone wanted to hear but my new MacBook is DOA. Won’t start up, can’t do any recovery, blah blah blah. Apple will be sending a new one. Sigh.

That’s quite unfortunate.

I’d be interested to hear what people think about this as well!

Given you have the 15" why are waiting for the 13/14"? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After some thinking now that the hype has died down I think I’ll wait for the 13 (14?) inch models. Not in a dire need for a new laptop and I think I’d prefer a smaller size even if I rarely take my personal laptop with me.

The question is whether Apple will also improve the thermal system in the 13 as it did in the 16, or if the new MBP 13 will only have the new keyboard. The updated thermal system resulted in great performance of the new MBP 16 and Apple may market it as the real PRO model that should have PRO benefits.

I’d be very surprised if the 13s didn’t get the whole redesign, screen bezels, thermals, keyboard and all.

Not all professionals rely on high compute performance. Chances are, as the most popular Mac period, they won’t want to show the 13” Pro as being lesser or neglected compared to the 16.

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I certainly hope so. Macbooks were lacking in the last few years, and it would be great if the once more became the top notebook there is.

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The one big drawback to the 16" MacBook Pro is that it’s Rev A hardware.

I hope this works out for you. Good Luck!

All that’s left is to release a version without the touch bar and they have me as a customer. Physical keys for life!

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I’m hoping for a return of the 12" for MBP. :crossed_fingers:

64GB RAM… Must restrain myself… But no, I know darn well it’ll be the 64GB model :laughing:


I LOVE that form factor! It’s the perfect go anywhere laptop!

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