1Password 7 and Sonoma ?>

Hi. Does anyone have any experience using 1Password 7 after upgrading to Sonoma ? My understanding is that the Safari extension is not likely to work anymore but apart from this does the app itself still function ok ? I’m hesitating over installing Sonoma as I don’t want to lose 1Password v7.

As a long-time 1Password user, I’m very keen on the local/standalone vaults feature. If 1P 7 still works on Sonoma then I can put off making the decision whether to upgrade to v8 or switch to an alternative …

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Take a look at Sonoma & 1PW version 7 — 1Password Community

It’s not fully working. The app runs, but the Safari extension installs but doesn’t do anything and the menu bar icon just tells me to install the browser extension.

This just confirms that I’ll be switching either to Secrets or EnPass

FYI, 1PW 8 works just fine - I’ve been on Sonoma Beta since it first rolled out and 1PW 8 since Dec. 2021. Not trying to change anyone’s mind, just a data point. :slight_smile:

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My advice: say goodbye to 1Password and have a look at Strongbox. Costs less the 1Password and it lets you choose where to store your vaults.


I wish there was alternative. God how I wish… but nothing is even close, not even Strongbox.

It’s working on my Sonoma-running Mac, but I don’t use the browser extensions.

Working perfectly for me, but I only use the main app, rarely the menu bar utility and never the extension.