1Password 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

With the new version of 1Password (version 7) I am confused about how some of the keyboard shortcuts work.

Specifically, the ‘Show 1Password’ (which defaulted to ⌥⌘) and the ‘Fill Login or Show 1Password’ shortcut (which defaulted to ⌘)

As far as I can tell, they seem to do the same thing. The latter also hijacks that shortcut which means when I try to format a paragraph as a heading in Ulysses 1Password will now pop up! SO, I’ve turned off the ‘Fill Login or Show 1Password’ shortcut for the time being.

Can anybody explain the nuances of these two for me?

I think Discourse has removed the backslashes from your shortcuts.

Anyway, their behavior is identical UNLESS there is a login field present. In that case, ⌘\ fills in the field, whereas ⌥⌘\ would just show 1Password, and not fill in the field.

To eliminate the conflict with Ulysses, just go into the 1Password settings under the General tab and change it to something else.