1Password Features

I have been a long time user of 1 Password. Currently, planning on switching to a family plan.

Any advice when you made the switch? Vault? Shared Vault?

Does anyone use 1 Password to store bank info, passport, etc?

  • If you do, do you sync via iCloud or Dropbox?


I don’t use the Family plan but I do indeed use 1P to save bank info, and scans of passport and drivers license, among other things.

The tipping point from my purchased version of the app to the subscription was that the purchased app wouldn’t sync some large pdfs. Currently, the max attachment size in local vault a is 5MB, but 1Password.com accounts allow you to attach a document up to 2GB in size.

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I switched over to an individual account from a normal license about a year and a half ago and it’s been great. My main tipping point was access both online and in windows (which I occasionally need to use).

For syncing, if you have a subscription with 1Password, they provide the syncing back end and it works pretty seamlessly.

I store banking, insurance, and passport info as well as logins and have never worried about it.

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I started using 1password in 2008 and switched to their 1password.com service in late 2017. Their subscription service syncs with their cloud service rather than iCloud, etc. I use it to store passwords, secure notes, software keys, etc. as well as copies of my drivers license, passport, and the past few years of income tax data. You can export your data or print it out, but it deals with local vault issues for you.

For example, if you choose to limit your data when traveling out of the country, by using TravelMode, it will remove your local vault. Then only items you marked “safe for travel” can be seen if you are forced to open 1P by border guards, etc. Once you return and deactivate TravelMode it restores the local vault.

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I made the switch to the family pan a year or two ago. The conversion was simple and straightforward. I did spend some time afterwards to split out the vaults into one for my personal logins, one for my work logins, a shared one for my wife and I, and one for her.

Yes, I store bank, credit card, drivers licenses, socials, software licenses and secure notes in 1Password. All synced to 1Password’s site.


I have several vaults set up all sync’d through iCloud and works flawlessly:

personal - my stuff
business - shared with my admin
home - shared logins for the family
personal - spouse stuff

We store all our important docs in 1Password to make sure everyone in the family can get to them if / when needed:

bank account / cards / login info
drivers licenses
auto/life/other policy detail
healthcare id cards
attorney / doctor / insurance agent etc info
living will/power of attorney/will etc

All of this is maintained in paper form in a fire proof safe as well.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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I thought iCloud only supports 1 vault?? Is there another way?

I was under the impression that iCloud supported only 1 vault, but Dropbox has multiple.

For those who share vaults with your spouse. I am trying to seeing the benefit of separate personal vaults PLUS a shared vault.

Versus just 1 shared vault for my spouse and I. Eventually, when my children get older, we would probably create another “family” vault that had entertainment logins. But, my children are too young to utilize a screen still.

I keep thinking of “doomsday” scenarios, i.e. some disaster, medical issue that prevents me from communicating with my spouse regarding needing access. Yes, I know there is a will and all that. But I am trying to think of when all the dust settles and she gets an email to renew a domain or needing to renew a bill (or stop an auto-transfer). Wouldn’t it be easier to have a 1 complete shared vault with all logins?

I have 530 items in my 1Password vault. My wife has 568. Trying to keep all of them straight in one vault would be a huge hassle. We have individual logins to the same site so making sure we got the correct one would be a problem when signing in. Much easier to have individual vaults that the other person can access.

An additional,issue is our different organizational techniques. I have a hard time using her phone due to the way she puts apps in folders.

I switched to the 1Password.com subscription because of the additional features. It was worth the price. I then switched it to an Eero Plus subscription to lower my costs.

We’ve had the family plan since the day it launched.

  • My wife and I share a vault with shared pw’s,
  • Each has their own “private” vault (I have mainly tech items in my vault)
  • the kids have a shared vault for passwords to which we need access
  • My mother has a vault with pw’s I need access to for when I do her banking and taxes.

The safe at my bank has the password recovery sheet, and we left that to our children in our will.

all in all, I don’t think we can do without!


We use the family account. My wife, son, and mom all have individual personal vaults (the default), we have a vault that is shared among everyone (also the default, I believe) but we don’t really use it, we also have a shared vault for my wife and I and another for wife, son, and I. Most of our data is in our personal vaults, with the shared vaults typically only used when someone needs a specific password to be shared with them.

I keep account info in my personal vault, but this discussion is nudging me to move them into the vault shared with my wife. There is no iCloud or Dropbox syncing with the family plan. It all syncs to 1Password’s server.


Someone loved 1P so much he wrote a poem about it and posted it in the Agilebits forum!

Shared vault is for bank, brokerage and other accounts that we share. Otherwise, personal vaults because everyone is entitled to their privacy.


I switched to Family plan as soon as it launched because I find it cheaper especially with the launch price back then, additional 1GB storage and upgrade up to 7 family members.

We have a shared vault for passwords such as Netflix and other streaming sites.

I also store my bank accounts, passport details, government documents on my personal vault.

We have separate vaults for our personal accounts but I like being able to share personal stuff to my partner easily like when she needs to book flights, I can easily share her my details.

@JKoopmans - Your practices regarding shared and individual vaults are excellent. A combination of individual and shared 1PW vaults appears to be ideal.

Regarding bank vault box storage, caution is advised when storing password copies, wills and other documents that might be time-sensitive. Perhaps not in your country, but in many U.S. jurisdictions individually-leased bank vault boxes are sealed immediately by the bank upon notification of a person’s death. Extraordinary measures are needed for access. Typically, the executor of the deceased person’s estate will go to a court for letters of administration in order to claim the contents of the safety deposit box or vault box. The bank (or local law) might require that tax authorities be notified, and a witnessed opening (by bank and tax authorities) might be required. These actions will delay access to the bank vault box during a time of emotional distress and financial need. Access to financial accounts could be delayed, resulting in problems paying time-sensitive bills.

In view of the above, bank vault storage of time-sensitive items such as account passwords would not be appropriate when the storage box is leased by an individual. Having a joint box holder is a simple way to avoid having issues when one of the box holders dies. Another option is to lease the box in the name of a trust, for which a successor trustee or co-trustee has been named.

I suspect that in JKoopmans’ country the bank vault policies are less onerous than those in the U.S.

Hi @Arthur ,

In my country the safe will pass on to the beneficiaries in my will within days of my death. There’s some paperwork involved and a notary public, but that is fairly standard. Our tax authority takes the stance that whatever is in the safe of any value would have been reported to them when it was put in there anyway, so they do not care. So I guess I’m lucky :slight_smile: