1Password - Frustrations

Is anyone else experiencing bugs in 1Password?

It’s been a good service until recently when I’ve experienced really frustrating bugs on iOS and Mac.

On iOS, the most annoying is that when the password window opens to search for a password (usually when filling in Safari), the search box just doesn’t work, it doesn’t filter the passwords when I type, and I have to scroll down to find passwords. On Mac, the TouchID window pops up but it loses focus immediately (also in Safari), so it doesn’t work until I click in the window asking for TouchID.

Even more infuriating, when I change passwords, they do not update automatically on iOS and this doesn’t change unless I uninstall and reinstall 1Password. The old password remains and is the default (I can see the new password as a separate entry when I tap on the key icon when filling), despite the fact that I replaced the password. Opening 1Password doesn’t update the password to a new one.

Sorry for the rant, but I am almost ready to dump this and go back to keychain, which didn’t suffer any of these bugs. I’ve reported all of them to 1Password a few weeks ago and no sign of fixes.

not had any of these issues, sounds really painful though.
One thing I have noticed is that if I change a password on one device and want to use it on another device I have to open the main app to force a sync.


This bugs me, also. The app knows what web page or app is selected or open, and iOS/iPadOS seems to be suggesting that 1Password knows the login info, but 1Password doesn’t search before displaying the dialog.

Yep. I mainly use keychain on mobile devices. If not for the vaults and sharing, which are big deals for me and much better than keychain, I would not use 1Password. But that means I’m using 1P for data storage and not for its primary design use.


not 1password, but Bitwarden and I guess this is one place to share my rant.
New bug in macOS, in which password filling with shortcut won’t work on Safari. Other browser works fine though. Just another frustration after the fact that I cannot change shortcut to auto-fill on Safari. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I use an iPad Pro as my main personal computer with 1Password and I’ve not experienced any of these, either on the iPad or on my iPhone.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you’re not experiencing these.

Have you contacted 1Password to log a support call?

I’ve contacted them, but they’ve not been able to resolve the issues. In my last correspondence they said they were working on it, but I’ve heard nothing since.

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I’ve noticed sync takes awhile and sometimes a force sync doesn’t actually receive a change. It eventually fixes itself though

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Don’t be. Sometimes you just gotta let off some steam :wink: The only trouble I’ve had was a file permissions problem after a TIme Machine restore in 2011.

My Mac mini doesn’t have TouchID but I do notice the autofill losing focus on a couple of sites, my bank being one. The banks animated ads on the homepage are the culprit on that site. I use 1PW on multiple platforms so keychain has never been an option for me.

Are you using the standalone version of 1PW or 1Password.com? I wonder if you would have the same problem with the 1PasswordX extension on Chrome/Brave/Edge.

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sorry to hear that.

I’m using 1PW on both macOS and iOS and not experiencing those bugs.

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I haven’t experienced those problems. I have noticed a bit of a lag when syncing. For syncing, do you have background app refresh turned on?

I don’t have a solution but I share your frustration. Ever since they changed the app’s architecture from the old browser extension to a new one that is supposed to work with browsers and Mac apps, it’s become (IMHO) much more complicated and difficult to use. One gripe I’ve always had is its propensity to want to go to my default browser to open a tab and log into a page instead of the non-default browser I might be using. I’m about this close ->| |<- to moving to a different password manager after being a loyal customer for over eight years.

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Yes, I do have background app refresh enabled, I doubled checked just in case. Thanks for the suggestion.

I use the ‘classic’ extension and not the new X thing as it doesn’t seem to support touch id.

I haven’t seen these problems (yet)… How are you syncing your vault? 1Password.com or iCloud/Dropbox? (TBH I don’t even know what’s supported anymore.)

I have one frustration with 1P, but it’s probably Apple… the “let me help you” ‘unlock 1Password’ box that covers the username/password fields (in safari on Mac) when the keychain is already providing me with my password.

Anyway, I hope the developers can get your problems sorted out soon!

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I use the default syncing, I presume 1Password.com (I’m a subscriber and I’ve not changed any storage settings).

I think that behavior may be Apple “helping”. Safari is my primary browser but I’ve found sites that work better with a chrome based browser. Currently I’m using Microsoft Edge with the 1Password Chrome Extension.

+1 on the Unlock box. Keychain’s shortfall is that you can’t edit the suggested password, and sometimes a number or symbol is needed.

I prefer the classic extension too but Agile Bits told me they are dropping support for it.

I have Chrome set as my default browser and like to switch to Firefox when I want additional security. I don’t use Safari that much. Just a personal prejudice, I think, since Apple cares much more about apps than browser-based interactions.

I found the 1password forum and tech support to be helpful when I had an issue.


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