1Password issues

I am increasingly frustrated w/1Password, specifically the Safari extension. Lately, about every other day the box to “Unlock 1Password” properly pops up when I try to login to a site, but pressing the button does nothing.

Either I have to restart everything - Safari, 1Password, sometimes the computer - or copy and paste the info from the main 1Password application.

Is anyone else experiencing this or know what’s happening. It seems recent. I am not seeing anything on the 1Password website except the advice to restart everything.

Happened with the most recent update. Restarting the Mac did the trick and the issue has not appeared since.


No, haven’t seen that issue.

What release of macOS and 1Password are you using?

You can turn off auto-lock in 1Password preferences.

macOS 11.3.1 (just notified the new version is available)
I am downloading an update for 1Password now, fingers crossed that is the fix.

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You might also contact their support. They have been very responsive over the years.

This was 100% a bug that they had in a recent release.

Note that I, too, had to do a logout/reboot after updating to make sure that the old 1Password was well & truly quit so the new one could take over.

They’ve added a new way for 1Password to interact with the browser. I don’t fully understand it yet, but one of the issues (read: bugs) was that you had to unlock the app and then also unlock 1Password inside the browser.

That bug should be gone now.

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Also had the issue—totally annoying.

I had this happen again today, and remembered the better way to deal with this.

  1. Quit the main 1Password app

  2. Quit Safari (or whatever browser you’re using)

  3. Click on the 1Password “Helper” app in the menu bar

  4. Click the “Gear” icon in the window which appears

  5. Choose “Quit 1Password Completely”

  1. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Look away from the computer screen. Think of something that makes you happy. None of these things in step 6 are required but they’re good to do anyway.

  2. Restart the main 1Password app. The menu bar “Helper” will automatically re-launch.

  3. Re-launch Safari.


So I emailed 1Password and they claim it is a Safari bug. Here is what they claim:

It sounds like a recent update has caused 1Password and Safari to stop communicating. Unfortunately for us, this is a bug on the Safari side and we can’t easily work around that. We have some logic to overcome by asking 1Password to fully quit and restart once the update is complete, but it’s not perfect since 1Password does not have permissions to terminate and relaunch Safari. We are working with Apple to determine how we are able to improve this behaviour for future updates.


That sounds like a fair explanation… and I’d take 1Password’s word for it. I have no doubt they’ve spent far more time with Safari than anyone at Apple has in years :slight_smile:


Well now the latest update of 1Password has failed and I can’t even access the program. "You do not have permission to open the application 1Password 7. I am the only freaking user on this computer! Ugh. Back to support I guess.

Are you using the direct download or the Mac App Store version?

IIRC- if you use 1Password.com you can switch to the Mac App Store version without having to set everything up again, it should “just work”.