1Password keeps Secure Input stuck!

Is anyone having the same issue?

1Password 8 is stuck on “Secure Input” multiple times a day. Textexpander and Keyboard Maestro tell me that “loginwindow” is disabled. When I look at processes in the terminal, there’s a Secure Input PID that’s no longer active but still keeping Secure Input alive, and after some digging, I discovered that it’s 1Password 8.

The worst part is that there isn’t one easy fix. Sometimes, entering the password manually instead of using TouchID fixes it. Other times it’s Force Quitting, other time, I just have to restart my machine. It’s very very very frustrating.

Anyone experienced this and has advice (besides switching to iCloud Keychain, which I’m seriously considering… I can’t explain how disappointed I’ve been since they released 1PW8.

Why post this here instead of their forums?

How did you track the association down? I’m using this script on a loop so I can use 1PW as the active window and see it, but I can’t get 1PW to appear in the output. I can see it list other apps (e.g., by turning on secure input in Terminal.)

I have this problem, too. Let us know if you find a fix.

I stopped using 1Password when it went subscription only. However, if you’re using an Apple Watch to unlock a MacBook Pro there may be another solution to the problem. Next time when the problem occurs lock your MacBook Pro and unlock it using the fingerprint reader.

I understand this may not solve a unique 1Password problem but there is a related problem (of secure input being locked) which affects Typinator and the ability to show accented characters by using a long keypress (on the letter e for example). That problem can certainly be resolved in the manner I’ve suggested. Sorry if it’s not helpful for the 1Password problem.

I did report the bug to Apple (via Feedback Assisitant) in 2019 but, clearly, nothing has come of that for it still affects macOS 12.6.


I’m posting here because their forum is full of posts on this issue and I’ve seen no reliable answer.

Just one example: Search — 1Password Support Community

I’ve just closed applications one at a time until I found the culprit and in more than one instance, 1PW8 was the problem.

Since my OP, I’ve noticed that putting my Mac back to sleep and then waking it up also solves the problem sometimes. So, currently, it seems that if 1PW8 isn’t at fault, TouchID is, and vice versa.

Thanks. It seems TouchID and Wake from Watch suffer from the same issue then.