2 Macs 1 Monitor

On my desk I use a Mac Pro as my main computer and have a Mac mini that I use as a Plex server. Instead of having to unplug my display from the Mac Pro and plug it into the Mac mini, do they make a switch that I can plug both computers into to and connect the display to switch back and forth between computers?

Yes, you want a gadget called a “KVM switch”.

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If the display has two inputs (for example, one DVI and one DiplayPort, you could hook a Mac up to each and just change input as needed.


If it is just acting as a server, run the mini “headless” and access it using screen sharing. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/share-the-screen-of-another-mac-mh14066/mac

Could also just share the screen on the mini and remote in through finder on your pro.

This headline brings up memories of online videos I never want to see again.

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It is an Apple Thunderbolt Display

HDMI switches - which don’t even need a power supply are quite common. For example, I had. 3-way and now have a 5-way.

These are small enough to be portable and I’ve taken them to workshops where my colleagues and I can share the customer’s screen at the push of a button.

If you’re open to replacing your monitor, LG has a feature called Dual Controller that will switch a single keyboard and mouse between computers. You could, for instance, have the Mac Pro on one side of the monitor, and the Mini on the other side. Moving the mouse pointer from one side of the monitor to the other would also switch keyboard and mouse from one computer to the other.

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