2015 MacBook Pro Repair Program

So, I sent my precious 15" Mid 2015 MacBook Pro in to Apple for battery replacement under the recent recall program.

After applying inserting my MacBook Pro into a “battery proof” envelope and applying some some scary stickers to the shipping box I sent it in on July 12. It took four days to get from Minnesota to Texas, because they must use ground shipping. Apple received, repaired and shipped it back in a single day. It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow thanks to overnight (non-ground) shipping back to Minnesota.

If anybody else has been hesitating to send in their beloved non-touch bar MacBook Pro to Apple under this repair program, I’d say do it. It will be great to have the battery cycles and battery health reset.

As always YMMV, but I’d be surprised if it’s by much.

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Since the top case is replaced, I’m interested to hear if you get the same style keyboard. Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

What different style keyboard is there? Are you talking butterfly vs. scissor key switch?

The 2015 model has the old type of keyboard only, if I am not mistaken? They were not doing butterfly until 2016 refresh in Pro models.

They replaced the battery and installed macOS, I wiped the hard drive before sending it in. The stickers I have on the lid and around the keyboard are the same.

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