2017 MacBook Pro Thunderbolt Port Issue

I have been generally pleased with my 2017 MacBook Pro. However, the thunderbolt ports are driving me a bit crazy when I try to plug multiple things into single adapters. The worst event occurred a couple days ago when after having issues with my Logitech R800 when the USB receiver was plugged in to the same dongle as my Snowball microphone it only worked inconsistently. As an experiment I moved the microphone usb dongle from the thunderbolt plug on the right side to the left side at which point Quicktime would no longer do a screen recording for my lecture podcast. I have since sort of resolved the problem by plugging the Logitech USB receiver into the same dongle I use for my HDMI connection, and the microphone into its own USB dongle in the second rightly-side thunderbolt port. Confusing? Yes. Thoughts?