2018 McBook Air - Replace?

Hi gang, I almost posted this a week or so ago but decided to do some maintenance prior to asking for help. Remove apps I don’t use, cleared cache etc.
I’m running Monterey Beta but really don’t think that would be causing this.
I have 1 x 4k 32" external monitor.

I have a 2018 MacBook Air (purchased January 2019) and it is running sooo slow, the fan is on almost constantly and typing is delayed by sentences (i.e. I type a sentence and then watch it appear on the screen!) This doesn’t always happen, it’s not happening as I write this.

The keyboard has been replaced and recently the battery was replaced under warranty, so the Apple crew have been helpful.

But when it comes to “I’ll just logon and do this thing” it takes forever to do the thing!

I have a Genius Appt again today to ask them to look at it and see of there is anything that may be causing this. I had my previous 2013 for 6 years and only upgraded to get the retina screen!

So two requests if that’s okay:

  1. any thoughts about performance you have found that you’ve fixed?
  2. if I choose to get a new Air, can I get away with 8GB? I know I will get better performance from 16 but I mostly write, blog, research, may start a podcast soon (so audio editing) so a little impatience doesn’t want to wait for a 16GB to arrive but that is a bit of petulance (at 58! :roll_eyes:)

I’m a bit floored I may need to replace this so soon but maybe I did just get a “bad one” this time round.

Is the typing delay in all apps?

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No, not in all but to be fair I haven’t taken note of which ones. The example today was Outlook online. I wouldn’t expect it to happen at all though. Or is it quite possible with certain apps? This forum is online and it doesn’t seem to happen here.

I ser it on my 2018 Mini with some JavaScript heavy sites. I have a suspicion it has to do with either Internet connection issues or the browser’s rendering engine.

If it doesn’t do it in Pages or Textedit locally I’d try different sites / browsers and see if you can find a pattern.

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Thank you, sir, fair point. I also had a lot (a LOT) of files on my desktop which I’ve now put where they belong.
I’ll try Pages and TextEdit and see what happens. I use Safari as a browser. I’ll try Brave and Firefox. I’ll also try Chrome.

Currently going to try a new Internet provider from Australia’s Telstra who should be almost best in class.

Hopefully I won’t have to upgrade (I don’t mind new shiny things, but only when I want them, not when I have to get them! :wink: )

Took the Air to the Apple store. Hardware all okay. As expected really.
Doing a nuke and pave and only installing apps I need/use. Good opportunity to clean house. We’ll see how it performs in the next few weeks.

My kid is using a 2013 MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and it’s still running pretty well. The fan starts to blow when she’s doing Google Meet Online classes but other than that, it’s a pretty good workhorse, well worth the investment 8 years ago.

My wife is still using my even older Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro 15" mid 2012. I fresh install Catalina (that’s about as far as it will go). It’s also a 8GB RAM machine and it’s even better, performance wise, compare to the 2013 MacBook Air.

On the other hand, my work-issued 2017 MacBook Pro 13" is super slow and struggles daily with the fan constantly blowing. I suspect that this machine are loaded with crap that enterprise company load into their employee notebook, so we all failed to be productive so that they can let us go one day. The thing probably have whatever MDM software (Carbon Black I think), anti virus, backup and storage (Crashplan) and god-knows-what else it is running.

One thing I notice which improved the performance of all 3 Macs is to uncheck iCloud Photos. This will stop that daemon processes, which downloads and sync the photo library, from sucking up all the CPUs. Yes, you can’t see pretty photos on the Mac but if it makes the Mac flies faster, it is a price to pay.

Good luck to you!

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Yep! That’s what I was using until buying this one. Not a care in the world about its performance.

I’ve started the nuke and pave and the default OS is … Mojave! I had to google that to find out when it was released. I’ve unticked Photos to iCloud and see how that goes. Thanks for the tip!

Just going through all the updates now to get to Big Sur so I can re-install 1Password! :slight_smile:

I love Mojave! See if you can live with this OS. My wife is using iCloud shared folder and this is only possible with Catalina. That was the reason I have to upgrade her MacBook Pro to Catalina. Otherwise, Mojave have been running very nicely for her.

I sometimes think that these modern OS is also very bloated. If you don’t use Sidecar or Siri or whatever new and shiny was introduced, turn them off, or don’t upgrade.

The Mojave is still getting constant security updates and latest version of Safari - so, you are not losing out, security-wise, really.

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