2019 Black Friday deals for MacOS and iOS - not as good as last year?

Unless I’ve missed something good, the Black Friday deals mentioned in this forum pale compared to last year. I didn’t buy any SW this year, I think I spent close to $100 last year.

The only thing I’m considering on buying is a Backblaze backup service, but that’s not SW, it’s a service. They don’t have any BF deals, but $60 a year sounds reasonable

So there’s tons of awesome deals. Here’s a list I curated


Certain software vendors and service providers don’t do Black Friday or Sales on Principle, some I seem to remember (although I may be mistaken) are Omni, Backblaze and Tapbots.

They believe that their software is value for money and they don’t want people waiting for sales once or twice a year when they’re not going to happen.

Apologies, if I got the companies wrong.