2020 iMac You Tube issues

Hi all - anyone else seeing this?? Ive tried Safari and Chrome and You Tube is “glitchy” and stutters and the sounds gets distorted. Ive never seen this…? Everything else works fine - The only thing I have done was update the RAM… Its the top tier base model no upgrades except the 3rd party RAM.


I have one of these as well. It was upgraded quite a ways though. No issues I can find in this respect. But it’s running an external GPU as well to send four SDI signals. I would imagine it’s the RAM or a quirk unique to you. But I’m frequently wrong on these guesses. :man_shrugging:

Which brand did you buy the RAM from? For Mac RAM upgrades, I would always go for OWC if I were you.

It might be ‘just’ Youtube. These are strange times and there is way more network traffic than usual. Especially - as it seems - for sites like Youtube. That’s why they downgraded their stream quality a while ago. Might be just that. Highly unlikely that it has anything to do with your memory upgrade if you don’t have other issues with your machine.

Does it happen when using the first-party RAM? That’d be my first test.

Could also be a logic board issue if it persists. I had that happen on a previous MacBook but then it was affecting the whole display not just a specific app or website.

Hi All - Thanks for all the replies … it really is strange … GeekBench scores are in the normal range for this, nothing else is glitchy and the problem is GONE now!!! I noticed it once before a few weeks ago and blamed YouTube… but when I saw it again yesterday I figured I’d ask… but now the problem is gone :slight_smile: Interesting… for sure.

The RAM is OWC and its installed properly … I will keep an eye on it. I have Apple Care

Thanks again all

OK - Well, turns out that my problem “appears” to be THIS https://9to5mac.com/2019/07/29/macos-fast-video-playback-bug-fix-coreaudiod-video/ - Because this is exactly what I am seeing and the Force Quitting of Coreaudiod fixes it.

So, does anyone else have this?? By the way, I actually exchanged my original iMac for a new one and it also has the issue (I migrated the data over) so it def something with MY system. I will do a clean install of Big Sur when it comes out.