2021 M1 Pro: How fast? 30 minute installation!

My Apple Silicon MB Pro arrived today.

My first test of its dazzling speed: Measure how long it takes to complete its initial data migration and installation.

Answer: Just 30 minutes (!!!) to transfer 420GB of data from my Apple Silicon MB Air and complete the full initial installation of my new MB Pro.

I connected the MB Pro to my MB Air by using a Thunderbolt 4 USB-C cable and then invoked the “Transferring Information” process from Mac-to-Mac.

That process is not well described in the online Apple Support document that was linked in the email that Apple sent me when my MB. Pro was delivered today. To run the process correctly, connect the two Macs with a USB-C cable before choosing the preferred installation method on the new Mac. And, prior to connecting the cable to the two Macs, the source Mac needs to be booted normally and running the “Migration Assistant” app in the Utilities folder. Then, connect the USB-C cable to both Macs and, on the source Mac, choose the Migration Assistant option to send data to another Mac.

Transfer speed ranged from 3 MB/sec to 630 MB/sec (averaging 100 to 500 MB/sec), and took only 17 minutes to transfer 420GB (771,000 files) from the MB M1 Air to the MB Pro. After the data transferred, the MB Pro was ready to go in another 10 minutes!

Specs on the MB Air: 8-core Apple Silicon with 16GB of unified memory, running MacOS 12 (installed yesterday).

Specs on the new MB Pro: 10-core M1 Pro chip (16" monitor) with 16GB memory, running MacOS 12 out of the box.

Then, to test the beautiful built-in 16" monitor, I ran the TV.app and went to my Apple TV+ account and played the nature documentary “Tiny World”. Amazingly gorgeous viewing.



Setting up a computer meant a whole day blocked…or even a weekend. It’s great how far we have come.

now you just do it on your lunch break…