2023 Epic macOS Fall Bundle

Do you think there is something interesting?
I am interested in Syncovery, Tidy Up, Dictionaries, App cleaner & uninstaller.
Is anyone using them?

I used to get really excited about these kind of bundle deals, but anymore my focus is more on “what apps can I get rid of”, than “what new apps could I buy”. I’m all for supporting small indie devs, but keeping my Mac simple, fast, predictable, and reliable is more important to me.


Syncovery is cheap. I used the Windows version to backup stuff to external drive. I believe I can do the same for Mac!

I usually find something in the bundles that I’d like to try, but it used to be that I’d buy a dozen things. Now it’s more of the unlock price + one or two apps to test out at a discount.

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I bought a few app bundles at least a decade ago. I think they make sense if you are starting out with Macs, but I’ve got all the apps I need now so no longer look at these deals.

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No unlocking price this time