2023 : Geotagging Documents? Receipts, primarily. Other documents?

I am just curious if anyone has had a notion to geotag document files. If so, what was the method or tool you used to do so?

Primarily, I wish to geotag receipts, but perhaps there is relevance to do this to other documents?

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I read in the DT forum that a previous user of Evernote when changing to DT found that he could add something (I can’t remember well) like a map location to an item inside the database.

I haven’t used that feature or really know if it exists, a better power user of DT could help us here if that’s what you mentioned.

Now, I have some experience with Trello. I mention it because if you add a document to a card by attaching it, you can also add a location to the card.

I’m attaching an image of the conversation:

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@Jvet - This was a very helpful prompt for me. As someone who is not versed in DevonThink (DT), I did not give it any thought. Thanks to your help, I found this:

Link to a November 2022 Article on DevonThink and GeoLocation

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, @Jvet.

I do wonder if DevonThink or some add-on provides the ability to see notes with GeoLocation placed on a map.

I just looked closer at your screenshot. It does have the great map view that Evernote Atlas used to have. Wow! This is great!

As an aside, good to know about Trello and that application’s use of geolocation. Thank you.

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I’m glad you found it useful. By the way, to become more versed in DT you can find the Field Guide from David Sparks and the Take Control Book which is free.

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Here is a link to the Take Control Book you mentioned:


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