24-hour Time Tracking

Does anyone know of a software (preferably iOS & Watch versions available) that would allow you to manually track ALL of your time?

I’m not looking for software to track billable hours for work. I already use something for that which works fine.

Rather, I’m looking for something to help me analyze my usage of all available time (housekeeping, eating, sleeping, socializing, etc.) for a short period (like a week or so), so that I can better understand it and use the data to become more efficient.


Toggl, while oriented towards tracking billable hours, would do the job just fine – you just woudln’t export and send your report to HR :joy:

There are a lot of similar time tracking tools that could work but I think Toggl is one of the more accessible and most polished. No native watch support but I do believe they now have rather good Shortcuts integration, which would make it more easy to manipulate or switch “projects” using Siri from the watch.
You may also want to try Life Cycle. The downside to Life Cycle is that it is more geography-based. That is, it doesn’t necessary track what specific task you’re doing when you’re at home, just that you happen to be at home.

Anyhow, some options!

I have used Tyme 2 for a number of years. It allows multiple timers to run in parallel (useful for things like tracking on-call hours whilst also doing something else). Reports can be exported in pdf and csv amongst others. Times are easily editable if a block is missed. There is a watch complication and a 2 week free trial.

Tyme 2 by Lars Gerckens

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

Looks like both of these are subscription…still looking for recommendations for apps that have Watch versions and are not subscriptions, if anyone knows of one?

The week that you said you wanted to track would fall within the 2 week free trial of Tyme 2. Tyme 2 has a watch app and, in the UK, is definately a one-off payment, not subscription. Guess it must vary around the world!

Good luck with your search.

Unless things have changed, toggl has a free tier… at least they did when I used it because I’ve never paid for it!