2Do App Feature Requests

I emailed this to the developer this morning but thought I’d share here because “you never know.” Perhaps someone else may want to support a similar request with the dev or perhaps someone knows of an app that already does what I need. (I’ve looked quite a bit though, and settled on 2Do as “closest.”)

Hi - I’ve used the app for years, love it, and would love to see it continue to grow. To that end, there are two features (one small, one large) that would help me out quite a bit in my workflow and would continue to differentiate 2Do in the productivity app space.

1 (small) - Thank you for including task durations! This is critical for me but so many apps leave it out. **Could you please display Total Durations (by day) the same way you display total task count? When I’m looking at the list, on the same line as the date (WED 5 JAN), on the far right I see 5 - the number of tasks I have for that day. It would be great if in addition (or instead of?) it should the cumulative duration of those 5 tasks (e.g. “1h 30m”).

2 (large) - An “agenda” style view for the left taskbar. This could replace the monthly calendar or go above it. It would show the day in hourly increments. Timed tasks would automatically appear in the correct slot and I could drag other tasks into that view to assign a time to them. This would be game changer, but I understand it also would be a massive undertaking.


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I don’t know if you have read the 2Do app blog that gives an idea of where the app updates are up to. It (obviously) doesn’t cover your suggestions, but does show that support is still on-going, just at an (apparently very much) slower rate than the dev had hoped.

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Thanks for sharing this! I’ve read through the blog before but had not seen the November entry.

I LOVE reading things:

Going back to the challenges I’ve faced, picking the correct approach for re-doing the UI in a way that’s future proof, has haunted me for too long. I’ve come to a conclusion that I’ve been trying too hard. Working on a UI refresh that no one’s asked for. Yes, it would be nice to add support for new UI features and cool new ways of manipulating and accessing your data, but what would be nicer would be an app that feels regularly updated .

That’s very encouraging to read! This is clearly a dev who gets (eventually :wink: ) that users aren’t asking for the things most VC-backed companies are working on. We just want bug fixes, usability improvements, and features that work well together.


It’s certainly a brilliant app - a gem amongst task managers on the mac. The app has indeed received more updates this year. It’s the same developer behind BusyCal, which seems to be the flagship app that gets all the attention.