2Do Users of the MPU-niverse unite!

Now, most of the gang is talking about Omnifocus, some about Things, a few about Todoist. But here is the thread for us 2Do fans! I’m very happy with 2Do and feel like this app really adapts to my needs. Only sometimes the sync isn’t wholly reliable.
What do you like about 2Do? In which way do you use it? What would you whish for upcoming updates?


I just hope that 2Do fully integrates with shortcuts. Also it’s a great app but using workflow or launch center to quickly specify due and start dates is a must.


I have tried Things, Omnifocus, Todoist, Tick Tick. Now that I am iOS only I have stuck with 2Do. In my opinion it is just as powerful as those two big names (:eyes: at you OF and Things) its all in how you utilize the app. Tags were there before OF and I believe having the tasks viewable as well as the lists in the “home screen” is great. I don’t use it to its full potential.

For future updates: Maybe better, smoother and easier automation integration. I would like task links, so I could link to a task in a note within a different app such as DTTG.


I currently have OF3, Things3 and 2do on my phone. I got to say I really like the UI of 2do. Is it just me or is documentation lacking a bit with 2do? I am currently running through some youtube videos and having some light bulb moments. So far I am liking it.

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+1 for automation updates. I’ve got a couple of work arounds through Workflow, but would love to get deeper into the app.

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Yes I’m also on the 2Do train. I like the complexetie of the app and the simplenes of the screens.

The only wish I have is a internet interfase for when I’m working on a Windows machine.

What could such automation offer? Are there examples from the other apps?

Auto ad task to a project
Make task from mail
Convert mindmap or outline into project/tasks

With Airmail I can send a mail as a task to 2Do.

Did you know there’s an easy way to use templates in 2Do?
Simply make a list called „templates“ (or whatever), within that create an example project with all your subtasks, durations and whatever you need. Now when you want to use that template, copy it (longpress in iOS), move the copy to its designated list, give the project a new name, tweak whatever has to be tweaked. Template is still unaltered in the template list, ready for the next. It’s very simple, but efficient.

I love 2Do. Initially I thought the UI was a little cheap and nasty looking but spending time with the app this just simply isn’t true.

The sync options could be more customisable and stable but all in all the are fit for purpose.

I love the integration with Fantastical and being able to send an email from Airmail to 2Do as a task is fantastic

Even better, it’s part of the Setapp catalogue so a really good all rounder and alternative to OF and Things.


@gerrymcil how does 2Do integrate with Fantastical? Through syncing with Reminders and then enabling Reminders on Fantastical?

@Steve yip spot on! It isn’t the most intuitive integration but it works seamlessly! :slight_smile:

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I like the fact that I can use it on my iMac, iPad and the Samsung 8 I switched to last year.

I like the UI and feel the app has about the right level of functionality for me.

I wasn’t really aware of it until I took out a Setapp subscription, although I have tried most similar apps over recent years.

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My use of 2Do is extremely rudimentary. I know I’m certainly not getting anywhere near the power available.Would anybody else care to comment on their uses of lists, smart list, tags?

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I have ditched OmniFocus this year (not upgrading) and moved to 2do. It actually works better for me because I achieve more and the interface is both simple and can be as complex as you need.

The only slight negative is that is doesn’t sync perfectly with reminders so I have to use dropbox. With iCloud now the only reason I have Dropbox on my Mac is to sync 2do. It is annoying because the Dropbox app is so slow.

I use lists for different categories of tasks, like shortstories, novels, shopping etc.
More important are tags: It really helped me to follow Davids advice not to assign due dates unless something really has a deadline. Most stuff I do isn’t due, I need more like a queue telling me what to do next. Plus reminders if something actually has a deadline.
So this is how I do it: What should be worked on right now gets a star and shows up in my today view. What’s to be done right after I finished these tasks gets the tag “up next”. Everything else gets the tag “deferred”. When my current tasks are done, I check “up next” for the next (the tag gets removed and a star assigned). When “up next” is empty, I check “deferred” and decide what gets the next priority.
Everything with a due date gets a duration. This way it starts showing up in the today view X days/weeks before it’s due and is out of my way (unless I want to start working on it right now, even though it’s not due soon – in this case I’d give it a star and thus make it show up in the today view as well).
I also assign all kinds of other tags that I don’t really need right now, but I want to get used to doing this and keep different informations attached to the tasks. Maybe I will someday do more complex stuff with it, which will only work when I consequently tag stuff right from the beginning. So I have tags for different kinds of work (research, write, interact etc) and people (so I could, when talking or mailing with a certain person, let 2Do show me all tasks assigned to him/her).


Hey all! I also really love using 2Do and it has absolutely transformed the way I approach tasks in that anything that I ultimately want to do gets written as a task in 2Do with some tag and priority. And I work through the tasks in GTD style one by one, one task at a time. The main reason why I love 2Do so much though is how much powerful the keyboard integration in the app is. I can navigate through all the tags/lists I have with onscreen hotkeys. It’s super fast.

I wrote more about how I use 2Do and how my sidebar looks like here.


I tried 2Do for a couple years, but ended up switching back to OmniFocus because of two main reasons:

  • OmniFocus had more reliable, and much quicker sync.
  • OmniFocus had more levels of organization.

Those two things definitely aren’t deal breakers for everyone, but they definitely were for me. My brain just needs a lot of nested folders, and my brain just doesn’t do the tag management dance. Everything OmniFocus can do, 2Do can do as well, but I just prefer how OmniFocus approaches it.

With sync, I just got to a place where 5% of me didn’t trust my 2Do system. I worried that tasks were getting lost in the mix, things weren’t getting synced, or they were getting synced incorrectly. I found myself double-checking my 2Do inbox on my devices whenever I’d add something important, just to make sure it didn’t get lost. That becamse a nuisance, for obvious reasons. I troubleshot (sp?) with the developer – and he’s incredible – but Dropbox, I think, messed a lot of things up. It was very limiting for what I wanted 2Do to do for me. Once 2Do gets its own proprietary sync, I may try again.

Anyway, I personally don’t think one app is better than the other, but I personally prefer OmniFocus.

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2do users - I have a weird bug… the geo-location alerts aren’t working on Iphone… the reminder pings to my Ipad instead

I can tell the app can see that “nearby” but again won’t push that reminder/alert
I have location on while using the app and checked that my ipad/iphone settings are mirrored… still not working

Im about to report the bug to the developer but wondering if anyone experienced this or had a suggestion for a fix?

Thanks in advance