2nd monitor for 24" iMac

I need to get some 2nd monitors for my team to run alongside their M1 iMacs. Don’t have a budget to get Studio displays or even LG Ultrafine but would like a reasonable 21" or 24" USB C monitor. The work is document and browser based and not doing any graphic work etc. I’m in the UK. Recommendations for £200 to £300 each options most appreciated.

Inexpensive, low-res monitors are fine on their own. But they may not be acceptable when paired with retina iMacs. Preview whatever monitor you choose side by side with the iMac before purchasing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep in mind that M1 machines only support one external display: iMac 24-inch - Technical Specifications - Apple

Looking at Amazon UK, I would recommend the Dell U2520D at £255. It’s 24in, 1440p, and USB C. Of course, 24in 4K would be optimal but those are either pretty old or pretty expensive. I use two Dell 24in 1440p monitors at work and they are great. I’m guessing most people won’t notice a difference unless you point it out to them.

Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for.