3 Questions about Siri Shortcuts (related)

I do a lot of posting on a wide variety of social networks. I post links and images. The physical act of posting doesn’t take long – thank you, cut-and-paste! – but remembering which networks I’m active on sometimes hurts my brain. There are seven. Yes, seven. I have a problem.

On the desktop I have a folder of bookmarklets that I just cycle through in order.

I don’t have any such organized system on the iPhone/iPad, where I use share extensions. I’ve sometimes wished there were a way to put share extensions in folders.

It occurred to me this afternoon that there is – make a picker with Siri Shortcuts, and use that. “Which social network would you like to post to?” Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumbr, etc. Choose one. Heck, I could probably get really clever and choose them ALL at one point, and then have Siri Shortcuts handle the posting for me automatically.

One problem: Diaspora. I’ve recently gotten hooked on that, and there’s no share extension for Diaspora that I’ve been able to find. So that’s questions (1 & 2) Anybody have a share extension for Diaspora? (2) Has anybody written a Siri shortcut to share to Diaspora?

Second question: (2) Is there any way to use Siri Shortcuts to activate a bookmarklet? Because there is a bookmarklet for sharing to Diaspora – several, as a matter of fact. And activating bookmarklets in Siri Shortcuts could be useful in so many ways.


Here’s the bookmarklet:


I don’t have a Diaspora account to test this but try it for starters:


Here’s by using the bookmarklet

That works. Thanks a million!