33 Slots — Your Thoughts On Arrangements

Got me a 10.5" iPad there’s 33 places to put icons or stacks of icons.

Looking at different example homescreens there are many folks that favor a 'pretty picture" approach —all icons and clusters in the dock with a colorful image dominating the screen.

Is this because you like the way it looks?

I tried the menu bar/dock only, but I felt it added extra touches. It negated/diminished the bars ability to hold apps often split screened.

This question is not intended to uncover the right way. I’m curious about the why of our ways.

IPhone users… Your take?

I’ve formatted my iPad with all of my apps in various folders in the dock like you’ve described. It’s less about the awesome Star Wars wallpaper I have and more about being able to pull up any app to multitask with. Personally, my brain still hasn’t kicked in to make this plan of action work and I find myself regularly going to the home screen out of instinct.