492: All of the Ks

Am I the only one that really wants to see pics of @MacSparky’s new 13k multi-monitor setup? :sunglasses:

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I just wanted to throw in a shout out to my longest lasting keyboard ever… The Logitech K811! I’ve been using mine on a daily basis for about half a dozen years. It’s outlasted 4 Mac desktops. The best feature is the backlight so you can use it in low light and the key legends are transparent plastic instead of paint thus they don’t rub off. The aluminum case cleans up nicely and it still looks good as new. It has a feel very similar to the older Apple “scissor” keyboards. It can remember 3 bluetooth devices so I use it with my iPad and occasionally Apple TV. Even after many years the battery life is still great (it charges via micro USB). Potential drawbacks: it doesn’t have a wired USB mode or a 10-key version if you want that and the key travel is greater than the newest Apple keywords. This is one of my favorite pieces of hardware ever—I highly recomend it.


I think the iMac Pro supports 2 5K displays… Come on @MacSparky… don’t you want a couple LG UltraFines so all your pixels will really match?

Two things I would add to the conversation around justifying the use of Macs in a Windows/PC office:

1.) Whilst potentially difficult to quantify, thanks to MPU tools (Textexpander; Hazel; KM; Alfred; ShortcatApp etc.) – and other excellent software over on macOS – I know that I am significantly more productive/efficient over in macOS than what I could ever be on Windows.

This can also be added to something that offsets the Apple Tax/expenses in the initial outlay.

2.) Whilst this point is decidedly more compelling if made in an alternative reality where all the MBP keyboards since 2016 are completely reliable – ordinarily – one doesn’t have to be buy the latest/greatest machine.

2nd-hand or refurbished Macs from 2/3/4 years ago (obviously depending on what your line of work entails) can, in many instances, do what is needed – and still continue to work well for several more years.
This is far removed from the ‘bit-rot’ that seemingly afflicts so many PCs/laptops after 2/3 years…
By and large, a Mac either works, or it doesn’t. And if it works, then by and large, it still works as well as it did the day it was manufactured – especially given the predominance of SSDs.

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About the PiPifier app on Mac you talked about - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pipifier-pip-for-nearly-every-video/id1160374471?mt=12

I checked the notes in the extension in Safari and it says it has access to sensitive information on the website including numbers, credit card numbers or passwords.

Are you sure this app is safe? Or is this just some necessary thing that they have to list but does not mean they abuse this?

Also there is a Helium app which has the same purpose although works in a different way - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/helium/id1054607607?mt=12

There are two of us in the office who have had 2015 MacBook Pros for 4 years now. Our colleagues who are on a variety of HP & Dell wintel machines are all coming up for their 2nd replacement machines later this year. The medium/long term cost differential is now such that our FD is considering mandating Macs for all new laptop purchases.

Just a note about iPad local storage, I’m surprised you both missed this but on the new beta for iPadOS local storage is now a thing by default! If you go to the on my iPad section of the iPad it is now a local storage outside of any folder made by an app. You can create folders and save files here as you please with iPadOS


Okay Gang … here are all the Ks. As to why I went 4k and not 5k?

  1. Cost, these were significantly more affordable
  2. Size. An additional 8K is enough Ks. These Dells look nice for holding things like calendar, omnifocus, reference material.


How about also

  1. You can’t see the difference between 4k and 5k (they are both “retina”).

I’ve done the same with just one extra display in portrait orientation. (A 27" LG 4K in my case). With both set to appear as 2560x1440 everything appears the same size on the external as it does on the iMac.

Coincidentally, I put Calendar and Omnifocus each at 50% of the screen on the external. Using “Displays have Separate Spaces” I use Spaces to get the Calendar/Omnifocus out of the way when I need extra room for reference material.

The link to your App Store interview? Would show notes even be here? Aaaaggghh help old Mac user since 1986 navigate I am sooo embarrassed

There’s a link to David’s blog post in the show notes: https://www.macsparky.com/blog/2019/6/my-mac-app-store-feature

Apple’s App Store feature links aren’t really on the open web fully. It’s annoying.

I also stitched together some screen shots of the article. You’ll find the image here:

It’s probably said elsewhere, but which model are those?

Dell P2415Q (gotta love Dell’s great model names :wink:).

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Is this photo the first “announcement” of the topic of David’s final Field Guide of 2019?

Looking around and whistling.

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