497: Spotlight, Alfred & LaunchBar

Alfred also supports emoji via a workflow

Just sharing for Sparky.


It does and I have it set up with a hot-key (hyper)caps+: so that it works similar to slack!

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How do you trigger the “double tap Option”? I’m currently using this with a very intricate keystroke from Alfred prefs.

See where it says “Selection Hotkey”? That’s where I set it up. It’s under Actions -> General.


Thank you very much.

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I did not realize you could double tap it. Great! Thanks!

I’ve been using Alfred for many years now and it is indispensable to me. However, it does look like Packal is/has been nearly dead for many years now. Alfred seems to be going strong with a loyal user-base and so I was wondering if Packal has been replaced with another site or forum. Also, does Packal Updater still work for anyone?

Anyone used Lacona much? I see it on Setapp and am wondering if its worth a look? I fall into the category of ‘spotlight does what i need’ and haven’t branched out. But now i am feeling like i should.

pacmax.org. I mentioned it here a month ago. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great episode, but I want to show some love to Quicksilver! It is still being developed at qsapp.com. I use it countless times each day for things mentioned in the episode - getting email addresses s and phone numbers out of contact cards, moving files, launching apps, opening bookmarks in Safari, opening folders, etc.

Just want folks to know it’s a viable option. I’ve been using it ever since Merlin Mann talked about it in the 43 folders days, and it has never stopped working for me.


Thanks for pointing me to pacmax.org, @bowline . The website has a nice clean design but seems to be a bit thin on content. I tried looking for basic workflows for Evernote, WiFi toggle etc. just to check it out and it had nothing to show for them!

Just search the Alfred forums. That’s where the real action is.


@MacSparky You can go back in your menus on Alfred, use the Escape Key to do so, it’s not as intuitive as left arrow🤷🏻‍♂️


The guys both noted lack of use for Alfred’s Remote function. I had an older iPad propped on my desk and use Remote as an app and macro launcher. It has lots of different pages to match my workflow of the moment. In a way, it is an alternative to the Elgato Stream Deck David mentioned early in the cast where I have one-touch macros to setup workspaces. In many instances, Remote is executing Keyboard Maestro Macros that do the heavy lifting but are triggered from a tap on my iPad.


Thank you so much for mentioning the km workflow to invoke Keyboard Maestro macros from Alfred!

EDIT: same for the tz workflow. These are very useful!

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Some great feedback here gang. We’ll be covering a bunch of it in the next feedback show.


@MacSparky was wondering if you could use the same trick to use sub-search. I’m not using this, but maybe using the option “Access items via sub-search only” would work for him?
If I understand correctly, if you look for something in your documents folder, you would invoke the command to your document folder and sub-search in it. BUT, you enter the name of a file that’s IN the document folder, you won’t get it if you select the option above. Stuff in your document folder will not pollute your results when you don’t go to Documents folder first. You could even set an abbreviation to those like Steven does with his bb for bookmarks or kb. Anyway, don’t know if Alfred works like that but I guess you’re a bit closer with that workflow.

@ismh I am also using the bookmark search in Alfred and I am not using a keyword for it. I just checked the configuration and you can actually chose inline vs. keyword.

And: I think I’d prefer a keyword, so thanks for sparking this :).

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ok, I listened on another 5 minutes :), so you already know how this works.

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