502: I Saw Your Face on the Internet

OOh! The show notes includes David’s Stream Deck setup:

so I assume they will be talking about Stream Deck (and presumably Keyboard Maestro) on this episode.

I still have some open spaces on my Stream Deck, but I’ve been doing some nifty things with mine recently. I’d write them up if they were terribly hacky (but they work for me, so…)


I hadn’t even noticed the green steel on the sides of my new iPhone and now that @ismh mentioned I can’t unsee it. :flushed:

If you want to get the free Star Wars Icons (or Symbolicons) that David mentions, the link no longer works how it used to.

It will redirect you to https://symbolicons.com/home but if you look at the top-right, you’ll see a link for “Freebies”:

Or you can go here: https://symbolicons.com/free#star-wars

(There’s also a separate set for “The Force Awakens”.)

You’ll have to “pay” through Gumroad. but you can pay $0 if you want. It used to be a straight link to a zip file, but I can’t blame him for wanting to get paid for stuff he’s created.

At around minute 32, Steven and Dave were bemoaning the fact that there is no way to see all the keyboard shortcuts. I feel their pain. but I’ve found a Mac utility that helps:
KeyCue from Ergonis. It provides pop-up cheat sheets for system shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, and app-specific shortcuts. Doesn’t give you the comprehensive overview, but helps to me identify some conflicts.


Is it possible to have a copy of your photos library on an external drive at full resolution while still keeping a “optimize Mac storage” version on my laptop?

EDIT: If possible, without Time Machine?

I don’t think this is possible unless you set up two user accounts on your Mac, and have one of them do full resolution and the other do optimize storage.

You could do that and set a reminder to log in to the “full” account every week and leave it run overnight.

A workaround is to keep iCloud photos on the Mac turned off until you’ve made a copy to an external drive, then turn it on. Similarly, you could turn it off your iPhone, then connect (wirelessly or by cable) to your Mac and manually import phone images to Photos_Mac (whereupon you could later save them to an external drive), auto-delete transferred images from the phone, then turn iCloud Photos back on the phone and thumbnails would populate on the phone from the cloud.

If you’re going to go with iCloud Photos or Google Photos or Amazon Photos or Adobe Cloud just do that: trust the service you choose. Tens of millions (or more) already do, and the major services aren’t losing images.

Ultimately I decided it was not worth it for me. I don’t need all my photos available at any time, anywhere, accessible from a cloud service to which I’d pay in perpetuity. I simply keep iCloud Photos off, and I periodically copy all my phone pics manually to Photos_Mac (and my DSLR/mirrorless camera pics go into Lightroom Classic), and I regularly back up locally to externals and have a BackBlaze account which copies everything to their cloud as well.

@macsparky and @ismh were lamenting the black California dial has black hands while the white California dial has white hands. However, the navy blue California dial does come with hands in a contrasting color:


I really like the look of the blue dial too.

@ismh and @MacSparky mentioned the possibility of doing a show on notifications. I think it’s been long enough since Episode 376 that it would be worth revisiting the topic, particularly given all the changes we got in iOS 12.

I just don’t care that much for the navy … but good point.

@MacSparky - I think I’ve solved the Alfred ‘file selection’ problem, as I have been experiencing the same thing, namely that when you press Option and Up Arrow you would create a new Finder window. I realised that this ONLY happened if I had Alfred open on top of a Finder window and so checked Default Folder X shortcuts. That is the culprit! Thought you might like to know.

Cheers - Chris Webb

Thanks @Northernmonkey I have those apps running. :slight_smile:

I use that too, KeyCue is excellent. It seems one of the main problems with shortcuts is remembering them. I use Keyboard Maestro palettes extensively now; and the conflict palettes there too, I just put a lot of things onto the same hot key. KeyCue helps a lot and is how I ‘learn’ the hotkeys to the palettes themselves. Complicated? It is, but you get used to it! :grinning:

I use textexpander a lot less than I thought I would because of the remembering issue. I find the search functions on textexander cumbersome: that might just be me?