509: Brent Simmons, Man of Many Hats


If I sound super quiet, try removing and re-downloading the podcast episode. Had a bit of an issue in production that should be corrected now in a new MP3.


Was just about to ask if it was me :slight_smile:


Brent mentioned about using Chrome for Facebook.

I still think that making a Fluid browser for Facebook is the best way to protect yourself.

Then use Choosy or Bumpr to automatically send Facebook links to that browser.

I wrote about this awhile ago at How to make a Fluid app for Facebook to protect your online privacy

There’s also Epichrome to make a Chrome Single Site Browser, but I have no idea if the cookies, etc are thoroughly firewalled off from “regular Chrome”.


Fluid browsers don’t accept Chrome extensions. Using Brave (a Chromium browser that utilizes Chrome plugins) has integrated ad-blocking (with browser fingerprint protection coming) and it allows me to use several privacy plugins (pixelblock, among others) in addition to usability plugins like Social Fixer which customizes the Facebook experience.

I’ve given up on Fluid and Coherence Pro (which does permit Chrome plugins) for the most part.

This was a very good episode! I am curious about his transition from engineer to marketing. Usually, people do the reverse. I am sure the Omni company was understanding and helpful in terms of benefits, salary, etc.

I have to say, I am a little jealous as I’d also like to code as a hobby only.

I am waiting for NNW to support Feedly so it can be my RSS reader of choice. I like its simplicity.


Mozilla make a containers plugin for Firefox that now has a specific Facebook container. This allows you to sign into Facebook in the same browser you’re using everywhere else but not have any connection of cookies or social media tracking taking place.


Oh that’s cool. I really should revisit Firefox.

I’ve just switched back to Firefox from Brave for a bit after they released version 70 as it was meant to be a lot more performant under macOS.

I’m impressed, with anything running chromium my MacBook Pro fans would spin up regularly to jet plane levels (and a 2018, i9 with 32GB RAM should handle it all I’d have thought). Not had it once that was attributable to Firefox in a couple of weeks. Using same plugins (or equivalent) so is as like for like as I can get it.

I also just recently switched to Firefox for my school related things as the power consumption of Chrome really got to me.
(I like Safari for personal browsing; but school uses Google and I should admit that I do love Sheets with its javascript and database-like formulae)

@MacSparky I wanted to mention something regarding the points you made about Slack and security. For certain customers (read: big enough customers) they’re willing to set up your Slack instance such that they host the data on AWS (like every other Slack instance) but your company gets to keep the encryption keys that they use for the data, both at rest and in transit. My company’s currently onboarding onto Slack and this is the setup they’re using.

This mitigates some of the security concerns a lot of companies have, though it doesn’t do much about regulations.

Oh, that’s a very good point.

I believe that epichome also does extensions, but I agree that Brave is probably the best option. I use Brave as my default “logged out” browser, but if I were to start using Facebook more often, I’d probably use Brave for the reasons you suggested.

About the time I think I should shut down my facebook account this comes along. I like the idea. Anything to mess with those clowns.

Thanks. I gave up after 15 minutes of alternating quiet talking (Brent) and yelling (David - not really yelling but compared to Brent it was LOUD). I’ll have to re-download and try it again.

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I noticed the sound for this and the previous episode of MPU is unbalanced. David’s voice sounds thin and is much softer than the others. Like he forgot to switch on the power of his preamp.
With this episode it was especially bad. Brent’s voice was extremely loud compared to the others. And I don’t download, but stream.

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V interesting episode. Thank you. Like others the differences in the volume quite marked. Brent was the loudest, then David and Stephen seemed to be standing some way away in the corner! I’ve noticed this on other episodes but it was the most marked on this one. I use Downcast as my podcast app.

I thought it was a little inaccurate for @MacSparky to say that you wouldn’t find a 7-8 year Dell running the latest version of Windows. Our office has plenty of Dells in that age range and some old that are running Windows 10 just fine.

Interestingly enough we also have a number of 2011 Mac Minis that are still in use that can only go up to High Sierra (officially).

Glad the audio thing wasn’t just me; Brent sounded like his mic was swinging on a pendulum, l couldn’t find a volume where I could hear what he was saying without occasionally blowing out my eardrums.

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Thanks for that @Kennymatic. I’ll add to the feedback outline. I guess I’ve been out of the Windows game too long.


Good, however I take a more severe line on Facebook, I isolate it any way I can, including deleting my account which I did a few months ago.