519: Workflows with Greg Pierce


Anyone having problems downloading the podcast? I’m getting an authentication error in Overcast. Other podcasts are downloading fine.

No – working fine in Overcast here. Downloaded automatically yesterday. Having listened last night I have just deleted the episode and manually downloaded it again successfully just now to make sure it is still working.

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Enjoyed this thoroughly. My thanks to the Pierce family for betting on Drafts 5! :slight_smile:


I heard the mention that discord had replaced the Facebook page for MPU. Does anyone have the link to the MPU discord channel?

I have not heard the full episode yet, but maybe they meant this Discourse forum?

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You’re soaking in it.

Discourse, not Discord.

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What iPad does @agiletortoise use?

This is the rare episode that doesn’t cost me any money. Other than my drafts sub, which I already spend on. :slight_smile:


10.5" Pro if my memory serves correctly.

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Yes , that’s what he said on the episode.

Stupid Discourse question (yes, been to the discourse site can’t seem to figure it out)

Is it possible to install Discourse SW on something OTHER than a Digital Ocean system? Iv’e got a group that is very low budget, already paying for a hosted Wordpress site that needs to add a forum and Discourse is my top choice but paying for yet another hosting on top of the Wordpress site won’t really work. They need the WP site for other reasons so it can’t be replaced entirely by a forum structure. All the self hosted info I found assumes you are buying time/space on Digital Ocean.

You’ll need a VPS with shell access. Any of the popular VPS hosts (Linode, AWS, DO, OVH, Dreamhost, etc) should be able to meet the requirements here:

I’m guessing that this group’s existing Wordpress host doesn’t meet the requirements but if you can follow the instructions in that link to install Docker on it, you’re probably able to do the rest of it.

@aardy @bowline Thanks! I listened to the opening twice and missed it.

David, it’s Terabyte not Gigabyte storage :crazy_face:


Love Drafts. Great interview.

I didn’t realize that there was a Drafts Discourse groups until listening to the current MPU episode.

Can confirm this – self hosting requires Docker to work. If your host allows Docker and you have ~2GB of RAM, you’re probably good to go!

Disclaimer: I work for Discourse but am also a huge Mac/productivity nerd. Happy to help answer any questions :slight_smile:


Great episode. Learned some new tricks for drafts and loving it all over again.


Automators is running on Linode. As @cornchip mentioned, you’ll need a VPS of some kind :slight_smile:


@MacSparky Try using Google Drive and Zapier to create your document templates. I have a template in Google Drive that gets filled via Shortcuts (and pulls extra relevant information from Airtable) that downloads a Word and PDF version to my computer when it’s done. It saves me so much time and I do it all from my phone!