526: I Don’t Aspire to Anything Else


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Welcome to the world of DEVONthink. There are delights and horrors ahead of you! More delights than horrors these days, thankfully. DT3 is wild.

(Have you played with custom metadata or Smart Rules yet?!)


With regard to USB 3.1 Gen 2, I understand the spec’d max length is 1 meter, or 39".

This entry, admittedly from a cable manufacturer, spells out limits:

The same company says longer USB 3.1 Gen 2 is possible if it is an “active” cable (meaning the above limitation is for a “passive” cable.) This is their product:


I have that cable and it works well, although I haven’t benchmarked it.

Interestingly on the horizon is supposedly optical cable. Some versions existed for Thunderbolt 2, but none so far for Thunderbolt 3. If it appears, might be cool, but I’m sure will be expensive (and perhaps a bit fussy.)

Really agreed with the very positive review of DEVONthink 3. Pretty much where I am with it and said better than I would have.

I could change my password manager and BackBlaze if I really had to. Ulysses too and my other writing apps. I wouldn’t want to though and am a big supporter of my Mission Critical apps like those. However it is only DEVONthink 3 and maybe Keyboard Maestro that is not replaceable in my system.

How do you integrate Ulysses with DevonThink? Do you just use plain Markdown and not Ulysses fancypants proprietary version?


I haven’t finished the podcast, so these may have been mentioned.
Here are a few things that might be helpful in chasing down and working with shortcuts:

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Monoprice has Thunderbolt 3 cables that are 2 meters and support 40G.

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You can probably tell me more about my system than I can myself. Let’s try.

I don’t put Ulysses sheets into DEVONthink 3 as such. I think you can? But I don’t do that. It is ‘integrated’ in a strategic sense rather than a tech one I might say. I now only keep a small number of current pieces of writing in Ulysses. I put notes now directly into DEVONthink 3 using its new note taker, which I have set to its own Markdown version, ‘plain’ is it?
I sometimes just export a sheet from Ulysses as pdf or plain text. I use the Ulysses ‘fancypants’ Markdown, but I don’t notice any difference is I move it to other apps, at that stage. Can you set Ulysses to just do plain Markdown by the way?
Apart from emails and so on most of what I work up ends up in Final Draft, LaTeX or Mellel or Pages. So I don’t really know sometimes how it has got there, even exactly in what format it was in originally, not at every step. I am like the pinball Wizard “I write by sense of smell”. I am supposed to have plain text and pdf versions of finished things. That is a movable feast though I have found. I think a huge amount of my material is probably not quite as it should be. Now you tell me what I am doing. Seriously.

I have to say I use DEVONsphere too. I love it but I have had issues getting it to see Ulysses Sheets. Not that I really need that but I like things to work. The DEVONthink 3 team can’t see what is wrong. Spotlight picks up Ulysses fine. I think it was working initially too. I don’t know what happened I re-installed and all kinds of things.

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I especially enjoyed David’s remarks about the move from Facebook. Confirmed so much of my own thinking and findings. My only reason for staying in FB for the last weeks I was there was MPU. I think it’s move coincided with mine and had some influence. I always now say to people. “Well David Sparks moved so…”, as if that is an argument. Which it is in my view.

I take what these guys and Katie in the old days say seriously. I even trust their sponsorships. I got a Caspar Matress that way. I probably wouldn’t have risked a ‘foam’ mattress otherwise. I love it by the way, best one I ever bought.


I don’t know if this is of any value to anyone, but I experimented using Otter.ai to transcribe ep.526 — it required quite a bit of editing so some paragraphs have been edited and some not. As I went along I was saving dot-points of interest to roamresearch, but the export to markdown from rr is not formatted very well so next time I will likely use Evernote or something… anyway, here is a link to the transcription text file export if you’re interested.