533: Feeling Frisky with my Money

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About the move from Facebook… I literally never once visited the Facebook forum, and I’m here nearly every day, so I’m very glad it moved from here. Discourse is a great setup, and I now I find myself a little disappointed whenever I run into one of the older discussion forums (cough Hazel cough).


I was ridiculously pleased to get namechecked at the beginning of this episode.


HomeKit Cameras

I am still hoping that the Eve Cam will be the one that gets this right. It was supposed to be out in April, now pushed back to May, I presume because of, well, you know.

I don’t really need a security camera for my home right now since I’m pretty much always here, but we’ve actually had some vandalism at the church, and I’d really like to be able to set something up there.

The iPad mini

Woot had a deal a few weeks ago for the iPad mini 4 at some extremely low price, enough that I impulse-purchased it. I did so realizing that iOS14 is probably going to drop support for it, but I really wanted it primarily as a reading device, and I suspect the Kindle app, etc. will support it for a long enough time that I won’t regret it.

Really enjoyed this episode! For the Read it Later stuff @MacSparky was talking about, I’ve worked out what is probably an overly complicated system, but it’s great for me! I use Pocket and Zapier to send stores to different places based on tag.

  • The newsletter tag grabs title, link, and meta descriptions and sends it to Evernote. Then every Monday I copy the best stories into ConvertKit.
  • The share tage sends the story to Buffer (which is great because it gets around the “you can only share to 1 twitter account” limitation.
  • The read later tag sends the stories I want to read to Instapaper. I like that app a lot better.

The last bit is because I also feel like a completionist. But Pocket is basically just a “switch station” for me to send stories where they need to go. It’s been great! My next step it to auto-send and tag my own content (podcast, blog posts, YouTube videos) with “share” and “newsletter” so I don’t have to do that manually. Should be easy enough with RSS Feeds!

Good episode. The Eufy cameras work well, however as a Kickstarter backer we were promised HomeKit integration with version 1 of EufyCam and they’ve never come through. Left a very bad taste in my mouth (and many others) towards Eufy/Anker. — Love their stuff, but will never back them on Kickstarter again.

I’ve been using my ancient iPad mini as an ebook reader lately. That’s all it’s good for now – slow and the dies quickly. But for that one purpose, it’s great!

David mentioned a Logitech keyboard that he is uses between all his devices.

Does anyone knows which one was it?

Thank you

I think David uses this: Logitech Easy‑Switch K811 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV

Note that 1st-party prices are absurd, so be sure to look at other sellers.

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Logitech discontinued this keyboard some months ago. :slightly_frowning_face: The original price was $79.

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I found this that looks similar.

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I am using a Logitech K480 that I can switch between three devices. I hardly use it.

I have been looking for a good home camera setup.

I have two of these and use them all the time - super useful when switching between iPad and multiple macs. Shame that the discontinued but I think the one @Jason_Papavasileiou posted below is their new version.


I’m just here for the free pass to hate on Facebook! :v:


I’m wondering why security cameras on Homekit are useful. Is there a service in particular they offer? Or do the cameras just show an image on the homekit screen?
There are a great many on-site surveillance recording systems available, and some of them allow access from outside your network (appropriate security in place, obviously)

I have one, and have been careful where I place my drinking glass ever since I learned they have been discontinued. Thanks for pointing out the post about the K380.

And many of them have awful security (Foscam cameras were found to have had a hardcoded Blackfoot password), with little support after sale, and can be cracked or controlled for use in botnets. Even if they’re okay now they could get cracked later, and many have clumsy security configurations that users don’t manage properly.

Better cams have 2fa and are updated regularly, as needed. You’re not going to get that with a $25 IP Wyze camera (whose video feed is provided through a Chinese company you’ve never heard of).

Many companies, like Ring, have terms of service allowing them to use your data/video, pass it on to authorities (or be viewed by them) without permission.

Because of Apple’s stance on privacy and security this is not an issue. The HomeKit layer provides a layer of security that other manufacturers can use. And HomeKit support integrates Siri and can leverage Shortcuts automation.

This could be a good option. I just got the new ipad pro 2020. I still have the old smart folio case (2018 model) but the camera cut out is annoying i would like the magic keyboard but 300 is not an option right now.

There’s also the K780 I have that has multi device switching: https://www.techspot.com/products/keyboards/logitech-k780-wireless-multi-device-quiet-desktop-keyboard.142984/

I don’t like the feel of typing on it that much though, which is disappointing… the round key shape isn’t as comfortable as more square keys for me, and the mechanism doesn’t bring me joy. I mean, it’s fine, but it’s not as good as the keyboard I have at work, and I miss it.

I have the K750 in the office (https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/k750-keyboard), and I absolutely love typing on that, but it’s a little too wide and I find my mouse hand drifts too far off to the side for ergonomic comfort. The biggest issue is it isn’t a multi-device switching model and you have to use the USB unifying receiver, which isn’t going to work with my iPad, so it’s not a good home keyboard option for me.

I was going to get the MX Keys (https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/mx-keys-wireless-keyboard), but it was out of stock everywhere when I was buying a keyboard to work at home, and it also has that “too wide” problem for me, as well as a fixed angle with it being raised at the back instead of being flat like the K750 I love. I haven’t been able to try it out, so maybe it would be ok in use… I’m tempted to order it and try it out, then either return it or sell my K780 if I do like it…

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I love the MX Keys…but I’m a video editor and need to have the number pad on my keyboard. I worked at a place where the edit workstations didn’t have internet so started using my ipad below my monitors and my internet device and switching between that and my work computer with the MX Keys was great (except when I’d forget which one it was connected to and start typing thinking i was on the iPad and then some random edits are made in my video timeline!).