533: Feeling Frisky with my Money

Unless there is any evidence that Apple’s encryption in iCloud can be broken that’s a distinction without a difference. Talk about spreading fear. :wink: HomeKit offers a layer of security that is supported, while most mass-market video cameras have poorly-coded software, and indifferent support.

Yes, I know. And you decried FUD while spreading a bit of your own. Local storage options are not “by definition more secure” than cloud-connected cameras, as can be attested to by anyone who’s been burglarized or robbed and had their security camera data cards/disks taken.

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At least you’re tiptoeing away from that overarching “by definition more secure claim”, yet again you’re making a distinction that makes no difference given the security of Apple’s encryption. I’ll take Apple’s encryption any day over someone breaking into my house and taking the SD card in the camera, lol.

I am tempting to get the MX keys so badly. I feel like I will enjoy using this keyboard but the size worries me a bit. Would love to test it at a store first but this seems difficult at the moment. Feels like my productivity is low in general and the lack of decent keyboard is pulls me back even further.

Yup. I had just left Facebook for good when the forum went there from google and so I never went either. Was very happy to see the move to discourse. I honestly wish more people would do this. Facebook might be simple and have a lot of eyes, but everything g else about it I cannot tolerate.