540: Subroutine in the Brain

@MacSparky Listening to this episode and had a couple of tips I’ve picked up as I also create, edit, and try to market my own courses:

  1. I use a graphic that’s an enlarged cursor/pointer. It won’t get pixelated and it really stands out. You just need to make sure you make sure you align it to “top/left.” You can see it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snqwWulBE-M

  2. I’m also terrible at marketing but have been working my way through Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller and it’s been great. Plus, no ad-spend required :slight_smile:

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@MacSparky I was pleased to hear about your stance on FaceBook. It is a tough one for me too. There are powerful pressures to advertize there and ‘keep a presence’. I am trying to resist them. FaceBook is harming our culture in my view and bringing out the worst. I don’t have simple answers either but I want nothing to do with it. I agreed and learnt a lot from Jared Lanier’s book on this.

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Agreed. However most younger people dont use it.

TikTok is the thing, and arguably their influence is worse.

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Oh dear me. I heard of that but didn’t know anything about it.