542: Beta Tales

Hei what is your feeling so far for app library? Will you keep using folders on the home screen or move most rarely used app to the app library?

Not putting App Library on the iPad is frustrating and seems completely arbitrary.

I get that the iPad doesn’t have the “Apps for Paying for Parking Spaces” problem, but many of us probably still keep apps around that don’t get used a lot.

Seems like something Apple did to be able to later say “And now we’ve added this to the iPad too” and get it treated like a new feature.

Or, worse, it could be like Low Power Mode and they just decide that iPads don’t need that.


This episode was the first I heard about an iPad Pro-like mini. Tempting if it happens – that design is very handy for just picking up and reading, or – as ismh notes – for writing with the Pencil.

I’m just chiming in to be sure I’m not going crazy. During the WWDC keynote they announced the translucent menubar as if it was a new thing, and in the last two episodes of MPU they talk about it the same way. the thing is, that’s been a feature for years, hasn’t it? I mean, I have a translucent menubar on my MBP running Catalina right now… Is there something I’m missing about how it’s going to be different?

Translucent menu bar, now with 100% more translucency!

You’re right it’s “non solid” since leopard (IIRC @ismh said that during the episode), the new one is way more transparent, judging from the screenshots I’ve seen.

Don’t know if it’s a marketing thing or if is there is some difference in… well… the two translucencies

Hm… I guess that’s right. I downloaded the Big Sur wallpaper to compare it with the same colors, and I guess it really is more transparent. Still seems odd to refer to it as a new feature, but ok, at least I know I’m not losing it :slight_smile:

(this is in light mode, in dark mode the difference is even more stark)

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Irresponsible? Yes. Did I renew my subscription anyway for this purpose alone? Yes. :wink:


Of course, you already had a subscription. :+1:

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I’ve installed the betas on my watch, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. (I did not install it on my iMac Pro, which is my main production machine.) So far, they all seem remarkably stable. However, Google Drive File Stream does not yet work on Big Sur. Bartender works, but is not fully functional.


I am totally digging the translucency!

I’ll keep the folders. The app library is good for search and getting at recently downloaded apps.

I have a lot of apps I’d like only a tap away, hence my folders. I have a stack of widgets at the top that includes Shortcuts for 4 quick deep links into apps.

I’m also keeping my folders, but I’ll also offload seldom used apps from the folders to pages I can hide. Now hoping this will make it to iPadOS as well over the beta stages

I’ve seen that somewhere as well. They would then only appear in the app library I think, not on a page. That is awesome! (again: not for iPadOS yet)

Maybe they just ran out of time, and it will get there before the end of Beta Season?
(one can always hope I guess…)

For those who have the patience - I have Family Sharing on and can no longer approve my daughter’s purchases.

She’s definitely not happy with me trying the beta!


A couple of mine are fine but my main banking app crashed on launch. They’re aware of it already. Its the only app that crashes though.

An odd thing at the moment is to delete an app you have to add it to the home screen before you can delete it which seems an annoying additional step. You can’t delete from the library at present.

It would also be nice if you could drag an app to the home screen from spotlight.

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Open a folder in the library and then hold as normal to get to “jiggle mode.” You can delete the app from the library that way.

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Can’t wait for the public beta!