543: A Developer's Summer, with Underscore David Smith

If you want a relaxing summer, don’t write an iOS app.


You know, when Myke and Grey announced “Moretex”, Myke went back and edited out all of the commercials from the back catalogue.

Sure, that was only 103 episodes vs MPU’s previous 542, but I bet Stephen could knock that out in a weekend. Maybe Federico can write a Shortcut!

Getting an mp3 from YouTube

If you use youtube-dl then you don’t need to extract the audio separately to run through ffmpeg because youtube-dl can do that itself (it even uses ffmpeg):

	youtube-dl \
	--audio-format mp3 	\
	--extract-audio 	\
	--audio-quality 0 	\
	--output "%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s" \

For example, if you can this on Apple Responds to Your Comments! - YouTube you would end up with a file named: Apple_Responds_to_Your_Comments-Q2aaCDNjWEg.mp3

I like keeping the YouTube ID in the filename, but if you don’t, switch this line:

	--output "%(title)s.%(ext)s" \

Then you’d get a file with the name: Apple_Responds_to_Your_Comments.mp3.

Once you have the mp3, if you want to send it to Overcast (and you’re a Premium user) I recommend cloudy-uploader: Unofficial CLI client for Overcast® Premium upload feature.

I’m a big fan of using huffduff-video (http://huffduff-video.snarfed.org/) for adding videos to a personal RSS feed as audio files. It uses youtube-dl under the hood.

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