545: State of the Apple Watch

I’m still using my first generation Apple Watch and have been uncertain whether to upgrade.

I haven’t listen to this episode yet.

This one is going to cost me money isn’t it?


Great episode.

I just wanted to chime in to say that Apple Pay is probably the primary reason I carry my watch. Pre-covid that was mostly for the convenience of being able to use it when I grabbed a bite to eat or drink when out exercising. Nowadays, it is more about easily avoiding contact during payment. Either way, though, I find it much more convenient that using the phone, especially now that a FaceID unlock is difficult/impossible with a mask.


I’ve never been able to wear a watch because I really don’t like having something on my wrist (I don’t even like wearing long-sleeve shirts).

I would love an Apple Watch, but I know I wouldn’t wear it consistently, which is too bad, because I would love its functionality.

This gave me mixed feelings about listening to this show, because as much as I would like those things, I have to fight the temptation to think “Well maybe if I spent more money on a watch, I would wear it” which definitely is not true.

Even as a non-watch-wearer, I am not-surprised-but-still-disappointed that Apple hasn’t allowed for 3rd party watch faces.

This is a decision which I suspect would immediately change if Apple had any competition in the smart watch category, but because they have effectively none, it’s easier for them not to do it.

I still love spending all day wearing the watch, with my phone at home on my nightstand. It feels freeing like in the early days of iPhone. However, I believe the watch is ultimately a transient product between the phone and something more miniaturized and intelligent unless it becomes much better at text input.

I don’t have an iPhone, but I really, really want an Apple Watch. I hope someday apple makes it so that you don’t need an iPhone to use it.

That depends on whether you buy what you need or buy what you want, doesn’t it :wink:

My Series 2 still does everything I need so an upgrade is easy to resist. And that’s a good thing considering a 2020 iPad Pro wasn’t.

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I know in a previous episode @MacSparky mentioned wearing his watch with the crown “in” and I have to say this is a game-changer especially for the hand washing function in Apple Watch 7 :slight_smile:

It really works synergistically with the phone - I don’t mind having to have a phone for the watch. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what it would look like without an iPhone.

My gripe with with how most payment machines work is even when I use Apple Pay there are dialogs that require me to touch them either before (“would you like to donate” or after (“asking for pin, payment amount, etc) giving my payment info that it sort of renders the point of being contactless pointless.

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Here’s how I’d like to see scrolling via the digital crown work when you are using the watch - give me the ability to scroll and change the complication(s) in view, one or more of them. In this way you could include up to 8 complications on a single watch face. That would be useful.

It would look like a very small iPhone that you can wear on your wrist.

Lol, bruh, that would be legit!

It’s ALREADY a small iPhone you can wear on your wrist. It just requires a bigger iPhone. For now at least.

I just want to be able to sign in with my Apple ID, no phone required, and have it work

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Team Crown-in, all the way!. It’s also nice because it helps you accidentally setting off Siri when you rest on a table, palm down.

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Walgreens is the only purely touchless payment option I have that also includes a membership. Both are part of Apple Pay and I love it. Safeway is the worst with yea donate, card number, pin…

Yes, few terminals or stores allow a fully touch-less experience, Trader Joes seems to be one of only a few. You always seem to have to sign if using it as a credit card or enter your bloody PIN, kind of defeats the whole purpose of having contacts :frowning: It seems to be down to the banks and legal nonsense.

Just got series 3 on Amazon $168 new. Love it.

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