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The issue with Metagrid and Keyboard Maestro boils down to how to get away from 1 KM macro per button/action.

A good example is that on Streamdeck I would’ve popped up a list of files (data sets) to pick from - from one button. This would be a single KM action. Now, with an 11 x 10 grid on Metagrid, I can afford one button per data set. I have the “real estate”. The problem is that each data set button would require a KM macro - unless I can find a way of reusing a macro, parameterised.

That’s probably a matter of design on my part.

@MartinPacker: you actually can pass a parameter in to a KM macro. This can be done using the “execute a macro” action where you have an option to supply a parameter or from AppleScript / JXA. You can retrieve the parameter within the target macro. I have used this approach with some of my own macros.

However, I don’t know the interface between MetaGrid and KM to know if this can be done via MetaGrid or not. I have looked on the MetaGrid website but have not seen any clear documentation of how to utilize the KM actions.I have not yet made a decision to purchase this app as I’m not sure it will prove useful for me at this point although maybe I will just have to spend the money so I can play with it.

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My quick exploration suggests that the way this is done is via sending MIDI messages. I don’t know enough about MIDI messages and notes to know how to embed a parameter. I suspect this is doable but I cannot suggest a course of action due to lack of knowledge. If I wind up buying metagrid this is definitely something I will play with.

Another way would be to put the string on the clipboard. Then have the KM macro use whatever is there. But I don’t think i can get Metagrid to copy a string to the clipboard. Not without a scratchpad app.

The new Metagrid update fixes issue for iOS 14.
Been solid for me since 2 days ago on iOS 14 in combination with Catalina.

Have not tested Big Sur yet, has anyone?

Have found Metagrid + KM the perfect companions in the working from home situation.

We connect to a citrix server for our work environment (windows) and Metagrid and KM now give me fast button interaction for “typing from clipboard” (paste is disabled) Typing my corporate password, sending ctrl-alt-delete, custom replies and standard phrases and so on. I love it!

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