555: iOS 14 Extravaganza

You could hide your manually organized apps by doing these steps outlined by Apple Support

Try this https://youtu.be/I9PuaMDDAv8

Good suggestion. But not what I wanna do. I guess I’ll have to delete them, but not delete them. Whatever Apple calls that process…

I’m still in the process of transitioning my home screen. I’m thinking I might do a whole Home Screen purge to just take everything off of it, then put back what I want. I already used search for 90% of the apps, the other ones were opened via muscle memory, so the App Library is perfect for me, and I’ll short circuit my muscle memory with the purge. Excited to see what I end up with.

But one thing that I looked for immediately when iOS 14 was on my phone was whether I could use shortcuts to toggle Siri’s new “announce messages” feature. It’s something I want when I physically cannot touch my phone (ex driving, cooking, gardening). But there’s no shortcuts option for it yet, so I either have to toggle it manually from control center or live with always on/off. I don’t want to add it to my control center, but I probably will for now. It’s also odd that it only announces when connected to certain types of headphones. My car is still operating with a physical aux connection, so I wouldn’t be able to use the feature to its full potential yet.

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It’s interesting how confusing it is for me to have my home screen messed up. I too search for a lot of apps, but not having those available that I usually have on my first screen is much more irritating than I expected.

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Does anyone know if Dark Sky has been incorporated into the weather app yet? Cause there app is still working so far for me. Curious when that will stop.

Today I found I like having a relatively widget free first home screen, and then put widgets on the second screen.

I don’t need to have the weather staring at me every time I open my phone, but when I’m looking for the weather forecast, I slide over one screen and there it is.

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Or put in a Smart Stack


Okay, I put all apps in the library, I have only widgets left on my home screens. I have four apps left in my dock but I’m not sure which ones really belong there (because some that used to be in the dock are now represented by widgets).
It feels very awkward. I realize that I relied on counters on the app Icons more than I thought. I don’t really use the library yet, I go via search. I find it confusing that the library shows me little icons in the preview but changes the order when I open the folder (if not selecting one of the big icons).
I’ll give it a try but I’m not sold yet.

@Robert You might want to consider adding the Siri Suggestions widget to the home screen. I’m finding it to be very good and you can selectively tell Siri what apps not to suggest so it gets better. I just told Siri not to suggest Reminders (I use OF) and not to suggest Calendar (The fantastic widgets from Fantastical converted me to Fantastical despite my distaste for subscriptions).


That’s neat, I didn’t know you could teach it! I make use of the suggestions, but I get them by opening search. I’ll check if you can also teach it there. Otherwise I’ll add this to my smart stack.

Hey, you can‘t add them to the stack, why’s that!

That is a Siri Suggestion stack so you can’t add directly. But my understanding, but I’ve not tried it, is that you can go into settings to adjust the suggestions.

I’ve found that it surfaces, and is getting better at doing so, the apps I want. I liken it to a “living home screen.”

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So I added all my apps to the App Library from my own folders and I’m not going back. Macsparky is always right.

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I‘m still feeling a little blindfolded, but I might get used to it. Most apps I find by search and they get suggested anyway. What I miss are the few apps where I had badges on (like messengers). I get the notifications anyway, but I’m used to have a second layer telling me if there’s a message that I maybe ignored when it came in.
Another thing is new apps that I maybe installed „on the go“ and didn’t try out immediately. Usually they would sit on the last home screen, waiting to get either sorted into a folder or deleted. Someday I would get to them. Now they might just get buried in the library.

New apps go into the library folder “Recently Added). On my phone that folder is the top right folder in the App Library.

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I have badges for nothing. I turned them ALL off about 5 years ago. Adds nothing but stress to my life. But I do agree on the blindfoldedness, I do feel now that I have lost a bit of oversight over which apps I actually have on my iPhone

That’s one way to find yourself in the App Library … iOS bug. :slight_smile:

Since the phone uninstalls the unused apps to save space, I have no problem losing track of wich apps I have.
The ones that I don’t use are at best distractions for the most in my view.