563: macOS Big Sur

I’m really not getting all the hype. The changes are really cosmetic and I can’t get that excited about icon shapes. …And I use proxy icons all the time- come on Apple! Stop messing with what works and give me a share sheet in mail!

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The one thing that’s holding me back from upgrading is SuperDuper isn’t working. SuperDuper is the first pillar of my backup strategy: I don’t use TimeMachine at all, so I’m going to have to wait.


I am the same. I am sometimes surprised when I get a cursor or something low on the screen and it appears.

I was listening to this episode to get psyched up to upgrade, but David’s mention of his Brother printer dropping out made me a little concerned. My go-to printer is a Brother.
Anyone else with a Brother printer having issues with Big Sur?

No problem using my Brother HL-L2360D with AirPrint from big sur.

This on Twitter a few min ago:

Mr. Macintosh on Twitter: “HP Printer Drivers v5.1 for macOS Big Sur 11 Updated! The previous version would not install on Big Sur. The new package retains the same 5.1 version number. New DMG Size = 584.5MB Previous Version = 600.3MB https://t.co/NETC72a89d” / Twitter

hopefully Brother will follow suite if it hasn’t done it already.

And if that didn’t work, it supports PCL over TCP/IP, so essentially no need for a “driver”.

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