588: macOS Services, with Sal Soghoian

Did anyone else notice today in WWDC keynote them have Automator on the slide and then say something about a multiple year transition? Does this mean the end for Automator (I know they said it is still supported this year, but will it be in the future)?

IMO, “still supported” is code for “dead, but not yet forgotten”. I’ve been expecting this since Sal Soghoian left Apple.

Yep. It sounds like Automator is on it’s way out. That said, the ability to migrate automations into Shortcuts is a much better sendoff than I thought it would get.

I’ve got a lot of details here: WWDC 2021: Shortcuts for Mac – Six Colors


I don’t think that will be a problem (Automator’s demise). I’ve played a little with the new Shortcuts and, from my non-expert view, it does everything Automator did and then some. So I’d rate it much more powerful. I only use two Automator workflows and both of them imported with no issue into Shortcuts.

Frankly I found Automator to be a big disappointment. It looked promising when it came out, oh 15 years ago??, but then they did nothing with it. This may be the key feature that has me upgrading from Catalina.

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