597: A Ray of Sunshine, with Brett Burney

I’m looking forward to listening to this episode.

I used the heck out of one of these as a daily newspaper reporter in the 80s.


Brett shared a ton of great tips and tricks in this episode. If you want even more, Brett and I share tips every week in the ”In the Know" segment of our podcast. Check it out!



Just followed-I’m always looking for another good tech podcast. :slight_smile:


Any interesting naming conventions for Apple gear? Mine are
Hive, Queen Bee, Bee and Pollen, for my Macbook pro, iPhone, Watch and airpods respectively.

I do have an older 15 inch which I call Bear. That was after a whimsical set of Mercer tiles we have, with a bear looking for the honey in the hive, so it makes sense to me, sort of… Like R2D2 does to David I guess?

That is very good :honeybee:


Thanks! and the bee emoji my wife and I use all the time too!

In the section on the episode about using AirServer to run presentations from an iPad, I was thinking ‘why not keynote remote’?

Of course, AirServer works with other apps mentioned (MindNode, TrialPad), but I use the remote feature of Keynote all the time. Plug the MacBook into the projector, open up the presentation on the MacBook and control it from an iPhone. Works without needing a separate wireless access point/hotspot.

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You’re right. It became really handy after they’ve made possible to present from a Window, for better screen sharing via Zoom and the likes.

I would add that you can use a New QuickTime Recording window and select your iPad as the source. Since this window has practically no visible chrome, you can use that to share anything on your iPadOS/iOS screen.

I name them after cities in my favourite fantasy novel
“good” cities for devices, “bad” cities for time capsules and network storage.


that shape reminds me of this Kickstarter project, keyboard with built-in touchscreen:

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My three devices are named after the Twenty One Pilots albums, Vessel, Blurryface and Trench. Thought the names were kinda cool, although their latest album “Scaled and Icy” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


Yes, they look very similar. And the Kickstarter device is intriguing. I’m looking forward to when it goes into production.

In this episode, I heard for the first time (at the 34 Minute mark) about the “presentation shootout” at the American Bar Association’s Tech Show, between David with Keynote and a professional powerpointer.
Is there a video of that? Or anything similar?
Would love to see that!

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I thought the same since I use my iPad Mini as a Keynote remote all the time, but Brett addressed that saying he likes airserver because it somehow gives him something different via the projector, especially with other apps.

Has anyone here used that TrialPad software in a non-legal presentation? I’m definitely curious.

Re: CaseMap

it seems to me that Obsidian is well positioned to do the same things that CaseMap does in a much more modern way, especially given its extensibility.

There’s a timeline plugin already, and with a few more extensions, it could be an outstanding litigation tool.

Since we’ve opened up the topics of naming machines, I have to share an old war story. Years ago, I was doing some training at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Alpharetta, GA.

It was the era of Digital’s Alpha chip and they had a series of large and solidly-built AXP Servers. The one in our lab was named HEAVY. It was literal, if unimaginative. Later, a second server was added and the admin named it MY_BROTHER.



When I give Keynote presentations, I normally run Keynote from an iPad connected to a projector or wirelessly connected to an Apple TV when available. I use the Keynote Remote feature of the program to use my iPhone to control the slides. It shows me the present slide and the next slide, and is for me much easier to carry around than an iPad. To advance to the next slide, I just have to swipe.

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Trial pad sounds cool, but expensive lol. PDF expert also has a presentation mode that seems to maybe be a lite version of Trial Pad. I’ve used it before and it’s handy.

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I have been using Airtable for something similar.

There are also at least two commercial products:

(1) Factbox and

(2) CaseFleet

I don’t have any experience with either. I think CaseFleet is more expensive, but it also does more practice management type things.