5thGen 12.9” iPad Pro First Impressions of the XDR Screen

So, I’ve just finished setting up the new 5th Gen 12.9” iPad Pro with the XDR Screen, and wow. The improvements on the screen is significant. It was noticeable the second I turned it on. It’s almost like the original move to Retina; it’s that dramatically better. I have it sitting on my desk next to the 2020 11” iPad Pro, and the screen is noticeably brighter and clearer.

I honestly didn’t think my old eyes would notice the difference, but I do.

I have a photo the full moon as my wallpaper, and the second I saw it for the first time, I thought, “Is that a different wallpaper?”

It’s truly astonishing. And it makes my 11” look sad. :joy:


I don’t know if you’re older than me (let’s just say I’m playing with a full deck this year :wink:) but I know people older and younger than me who “can’t tell the difference” between HD and 4K TVs nor between Retina and non-Retina displays of similar size. To me it’s night and day.

The crazy part is one of these people (who is older than me by a good stretch) wears glasses and cannot believe the things I cannot see in details. Go figure.