601: Soup Blasphemy with Kathy

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Good stuff. I don’t know if this was Kathy’s issue, but if Fantastical’s widget gets into a messed up state, you can fix it by going to Settings, scrolling to the bottom, pulling up four times, then tapping Options > Force Widget Refresh. It’s there to make support easier but it’s a fun little area for curious users, too.


Unfortunately, it got to the point where I was doing this every day which was completely useless to me. Thank you for checking though!


I’d love an episode on iPad notetaking apps.

Much like @MacSparky, I probably don’t need the extra power of an M1X. The appeal of the 14” MacBook Pro for me comes from other rumored features. #1 by far is support for multiple external monitors. HDMI out, MagSafe, and a mini-LED display would definitely be pluses as well. I’m hoping that Apple will have it out soon. I’ll be moving and starting going in to the office a couple days a week this fall and my 2012 Retina MBP is getting a bit long in the tooth.


An issue with all the note-taking apps like Notability and GoodNotes, no support for Shortcuts!!! I’ve been begging for this on Notability for years; even a simple url scheme would be helpful. Alas, no such thing ever came before I gave up and moved all my note taking to Obsidian.