604: Workflows with Jay Miller


Was so sorry to miss this recording. Jay is great!


Looking forward to listening to this, my new job makes extensive use of video meetings and I don’t want to look like a yahoo.

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Some good stuff and bunch looks interesting.
Just annoying that apple hasn’t provided a way to move windows automatically to a different space.
Looked at Moom and the FAQ from 4 years ago says apple hasn’t provided anyway to do it.

Sparky asked in this episode if anyone is using Craft for PKM…


I’ve been using Craft as PKM for work for about 2 months now. I’m a technical lead for a large mobile application and have about 15-18 projects going on at a time.

I have Document pages for big topics (Projects, Reference, People) and often many Page blocks in those pages. I organise these documents into nested folders, almost always up to only 2 levels of nesting.

I do look forward to tags (and tables!) coming to help a bit more with cross-project topic organisation, but I’m making do because of the great search in Craft.



I’d say I’m using Craft for PKM too. I work for a professional orchestra and keep all my notes in here, and link it to Omnifocus and Airtable.

Basically each concert gets a page, and inside each page I’m creating additional pages with notes on hiring, adjustments we’re making to each piece, notes about the guest artists, etc.


I am also persevering with Craft (after being tempted to join the cool kids with Obsidian a few times) .

I have high level folders for:

  • Home
  • Personal
  • Work (internal)
  • Work (Clients)

I then go down to one more level with, for example, a subfolder per client (I work in Tech Consulting and tend to have multiple active client engagements) . In those folders I have a ‘master’ document for the Client Name which I then link all other docs to as a cross reference… including some that might sit elsewhere in the overall hierarchy. I may also create a file for specific Projects which I link to in the same way.

The Work (Internal) folder breaks down into logical sub-topics (People, Training, etc) and the Home and Personal folders break down into common areas (Finance, maintenance, vehicles, music, health, and so on).

I think I could probably flatten the structure and use search/links more effectively but am a little traditional with my liking of folder structures.

I also generate links to the calendar / daily notes section in Craft by adding “/today” style hyperlinks when creating client meeting notes for example…although I don’t write these in the Daily Notes section.

The approach seems to work but I am still tweaking it and wish I was making better use of Cards, etc… but they tend to slow down my note-taking for the sake of unnecessary prettiness.


I was a little worried that you might have accidentally been caught under an avalanche of calendars and stickers.

I had a terrible image of you in your new office, unable to move and calling for help:

“Joe! Joe! I’m stuck under the calendars! No, CALENDARS! Get help, quick!”

Anyway, glad to hear you’re ok!


Jay, nice interview! I like the lower contrast and bold ink suggestion for the paper system.

Would love to hear more about the Bunch triggers that automatically send emails and track time. I’m having trouble imagining a standard email that could be sent after an arbitrary work session for one client, but I suppose you’re doing training so it might be standardized?

Definitely so I can show you the code here (just the part that does that portion)

#[Closing Save]

$ echo "Scheduled for Monday - $(pbpaste)" | pbcopy
- {@f !1 "REDACTED" return}
date = * newsletterDate.applescript

(pause 1)
if ${date}
	- https://stripe.com # Where I add my charges for invoices

On most days when I finish this I copy the link to the newsletter post and close the bunch. On close, this AppleScript (which is actually a Javascript script) checks to see if the date is within one week of the day my invoices go out. If so it automatically opens stripe so I can add the billing.

The emails are automatic so I just need to add the charges and things happen. If it’s outside that date then it just opens messages and added the message to my clipboard so I can just paste it into our conversation.

I go into this more in this video here - Using Bunch for Creating Newsletters (and Teardown) - YouTube

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Steven I’ve been looking for excuses to chat with you about many things (including TN BBQ). I’ll have to wait a little longer but I can’t wait to finally chat!

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Thanks! I watched the video too. Lots of clever little ideas here.

If I could, I’d give you a second like for referencing one of Connected’s weirdest running gags (in a show that has a lot of weird running gags).



Thanks… It amused me, so I hoped that it would amuse at least a few others as well.

I’m kind of hoping that Joe might show up on the podcast-a-thon.

Hahaha. I unfortunately had some family stuff I needed to attend to, but it’s all good now.

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I’m just in the beginning stages of my Craft build-up strategy as a PKM and a work journal using the new calendar sync feature. Craft meets the basic needs without being too overwhelming.

I had a similar experience with OmniFocus. I spent more time tinkering than actually focusing on my action items. For the moment, Things does the job of keeping focused on what’s next on the list.

@Robb_Albright, It would be interesting to see your workflow for Craft.