606: California Streaming

Haven’t finished the episode yet but I love the early release time!


Fun episode! Looking forward to the Field Guide, especially the user interviews/analysis (and perusing sample data.)

I wouldn’t mind hearing from Austin Mann but I think it would be interesting to bring on two photographers with strikingly different approaches to, or preferences regarding, iPhone photography. Maybe a panel. The three lenses and accompanying software are really diverging in their capabilities and there are so many makers of accessories/lenses that there must be something to learn from examining differences between users.


No love to adding meditation and Pilates to Fitness+?

Many of us will likely be spending lots of money on Apple products this year and the next. For readers who are not aware of it, Apple has a special site at https://www.apple.com/shop/browse/home/veterans_military where all vets and active duty military get a nice 10% discount. Years ago this only applied to older products, but now applies to everything in the store (as far as I’ve found out), including pre-orders.

To get the discount go to the vet/military site, then sign in at ID.me and authorize Apple to know your status. If you don’t have an ID.me account, it’s easy to sign up. They’ll need some info to verify your service. There’s no cost to sign up with ID.me, and I’ve found several other retailers who use the service to verify military service and extend a discount.